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In recent examples, the story has begun to be fed in a good way. Hades is one of the best examples of this. Things are pretty similar in Children of Morta. When a fun gameplay and a tadollar-like story are added to a visual that impresses the player, a game that is quite enjoyable to play emerges.

The Bergsons are in trouble

Pros of the story:

  • It reflects family ties well
  • Instant events increase the element of curiosity
  • The player’s bond with the characters

The cons of the story:

  • Since it is a bit of a cliché, the end can be predicted
  • Unless the attention is played, the stories outside the main scenario can be overlooked very easily

Children of Morta, the Bergson family’s corruption It’s about a war he fought against. The task of this family, who is trying to save their world from the mountain god Ou and restore order to the universe, is not an easy one. Since the game hosts the roguelike genre, the events develop a little differently. Random events in the sections you enter can suddenly affect the story in a different way or vice versa, in a situation such as finishing the section straight without encountering anything.

As we mentioned, the game’s roguelike nature can both speed up the story and slow down . But you can definitely finish it without missing anything in the story. The question that remains stuck in the head, on the other hand, is about the events that occur outside of the main scenario. You may not be able to finish some side stories unless you search through the current chapter. So much so that even after the story ends and you watch the endings, that side story may still appear in your quest window halfway. Of course, this is a situation that may differ from player to player, but it is possible that and it can annoy those who have a 100% plan to finish.

Since there is a family bond in the story, you can somehow connect with the characters and this is a very important situation for the depth of the story. If you know who all seven of the 7 characters are and can remember their names, it means that this game has managed to impress a little bit about the story and character depth .

Morta’s world and Bergsons


  • Stunning graphics
  • Character fatigue system increases the variety of gameplay
  • Each character has a unique gameplay


  • The eye-catching design only covers the outside world, the parts are suffocating
  • The skill tree doesn’t make much difference despite the variety of characters
  • It feels like a story-based game rather than a roguelike game

Child of Morta’s world is a game that uses pixel art style quite nicely and manages to impress the player with its world. But the more impressive and heartwarming the outside world is, the more the parts we play are muffled and the people are darkened . When you say caves, deserts, and sections with an industrial taste, one misses the light and greenery of the air. Of course, since we are trying to clean the game from corruption, this situation can be understood, but I wish we could clean that corruption from the forest, the mountain and the slope.

Children of Morta hosts 7 different playable characters in total. We started the adventure with 2 characters at the early levels, and as we progress in the game, new characters join in proportion to the story. Of course, all but one of the characters are from the Bergson family. The other character is somehow connected with the story. Our game, which deals with the concept of family is everything, also has a different system for character variety. This was a detail that I quite liked that I did not come across in many games. After playing a character for too long, a negative effect occurs on that character in the character selection screen, which is displayed as a percentage. This effect appears as ” fatigue ” and the higher the ratio, the less the character’s maximum health . This situation, which seems annoying at first glance, turns into a very interesting event that causes you to play other characters in the game after a while. Moreover, it’s really nice considering the passive features that each character has at certain levels and affects all family members .

Children of Morta has a skill tree with new features up to Level 20. Although this skill tree has many functional features, it does not contain many features that affect the gameplay in general . But as I mentioned, it is important to play the characters in general, as each character has characteristics that affect the whole family. Increasing the levels of the characters is a little difficult at the beginning of the game, but towards the end of the game, it increases in proportion to the difficulty of the sections.

One of the parts of Children of Morta that upsets in general is the roguelike part. Our game is very simple compared to general roguelike games. With the money we earn, it doesn’t do much except for simple features such as maximum health, damage increase, and fast running, and this situation is somewhat contrary to the rogue-like philosophy that allows us to play the levels regularly. There are items that provide features, but in general, there is not much difference between the presence and absence of most of them. If you go straight in the game without dying, you can finish the levels quickly and end the story in a short time, and your only loss is the end of the game before your characters reach the maximum level. Therefore, Children of Morta is more reminiscent of the usual games in which we move on a story rather than the replay feeling of roguelike games in general.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a serious roguelike experience, you might be disappointed, but the story, visuals, and gameplay might pull you in

Pros Cons :

  • Simple to represent the Roguelike genre
  • Episodes can overwhelm
  • Skill tree has little impact on gameplay

Children of Morta is definitely not a bad game, but this may vary depending on what you expect from the game. While it has the potential to provide sufficient satisfaction in terms of story or gameplay, it may upset serious fans of the roguelike genre. Therefore, changing the point of view from the very beginning can increase your gameplay enjoyment.

Of course, since our game is an indie game, it is difficult to expect everything to be perfect, and Children of Morta, like many other games, has its pros and cons, but in general, there is a situation where the leftovers outweigh the cons . . That’s why you might want to give the Bergson family a chance.

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