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The coronavirus, which has taken our lives captive for the past year, has actually been in our lives for years. For example, in 2002 “ SARS-CoV “was transmitted from some cats to humans. However, the contagiousness of this virus was not that high in those years and could be controlled. Experts, today” SARS-CoV-2 “is the coronavirus that has become every 10 years they are worried as it can cause an epidemic.

Working at Duke University in the USA Dr. Gregory Gray, wondered one day if there was another coronavirus that could cause an epidemic, such as SARS-CoV-2. After conducting a detailed research about this, Gray reached a very interesting conclusion as a result of the help he received from his colleagues. So much so that in Malaysia, whose main target is dogs, but a new type of coronavirus has been detected that can also be transmitted from dogs to humans.

Although the findings are alarming, it’s too early to be alarming

In fact, Dr. Gregory Gray has been working on the coronavirus since the days of the epidemic in China. However, for detecting coronavirus PCR test series was able to detect only known virus strains, falling short for Gray. Leshan Xiu, one of his students, took action to develop a new test, and as a result of his work, it works just like the PCR test, but detecting all virus types managed to develop a test. Here is this test, In Malaysia introduced a very interesting and scary situation.

Test developed in Savarak Malaysia to 301 patients was applied. These patients were mostly children and had ailments similar to pneumonia. In 8 of these patients, a different type of coronavirus than SARS-CoV-2 was detected. The scientist who studied the virus found that this virus is a coronavirus that can make dogs sick. Gray found his findings so extraordinary that they developed thought the test was malfunctioning.

Dr. Gregory Gray, working at Ohio State University and specializing in coronaviruses that affect animals Anastasia Vlasova, he talks about the coronavirus he detected. Vlasova, who was involved in the event, did not really believe that the virus in question was dog oriented. This time, the scientist trying to solve the genome of this virus species, as a result of his studies, pig and cats realized that it can also affect, but is actually a species that makes dogs sick.

Anastasia Vlasova, during her research, has a unique mutation says they saw it. Interestingly, the mutation caused the virus to lose its effect in dogs. However, this time, contagiousness is increasing and even people could be infected with this mutated coronavirus. One of the University of Arkansas virologists Xumin Zhang states that the findings are important, but nothing worrying, at least for now, because there is no evidence that this new coronavirus strain was transmitted from person to person. Zhang said that the studies should be detailed, somehow this type of virus is not the canine virus, transmitted from humans to dogs says he will not be surprised that there may be a new coronavirus variant.

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