America, especially in recent days, has been shaken by news that shocked everyone. This news, as you can imagine by forest fires related. While people are helping the extinguishing efforts, they are obsessed with their lives. don’t care

on they can show attitudes that surprise everyone.

A new video shared on social media encountered reaction. In this video, which was allegedly shot in Marmaris, a group of citizens sailed to the sea with yadollars and watched the firefighting efforts. Although everything seems normal so far, the situation is not quite like that. Because the last place for private boats to be at the moment may be off the coast of Marmaris.

That image captured in Marmaris

The video we shared above is enough to reveal how much of a mistake the citizens are actually in. Because while the private boat is waiting on its own, the people on the boat they never expectedSomething happens and a plane helping with the firefighting is passing a few meters from the boat. The worst part is that the group that made the video did not realize the mistake they were in and insulted the plane.

In order to avoid the incidents that you watched in the video above and that returned from the shore of the disaster, Marmaris officials had warned not to sail the boats. However, what happened is that citizens have unfortunately given these warnings. that they don’t care enough reveals.

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