As you know, yesterday’s Manavgat district was extremely difficult to control. forest fire started. While the number of people who were stranded increased to 10 due to the fire that started in 3 different places and grew steadily, one person unfortunately lost his life. With the effects of the fire under control in the saadollar series this morning, Deplorable news from Adana too arrived.

The fire, which started in the Kozan district of Adana last night in the saadollar series, started to envelop the surrounding villages as time passed. While both land and air firefighting works continue, In the first light of the morning, the damage caused by the fire in Adana was revealed. is out.

Houses in many villages turned to ashes

The forest fire, which started at around 19:00 yesterday evening, started to spread rapidly with the effect of the north wind. For the fire that first affected the Akdam District, the teams intervened from the land, but in the morning, the authorities responding to the fire from the air had to.

The damage caused by the fire, which still continues in Kozan and caused the evacuation of 5 villages, was revealed with the sunrise in the morning. While many houses in 7 villages surrendered to the fire, 63-year-old Cumali Yücel’s house was completely destroyed. happened.

Yucel, who could not hold back his tears in front of the painting he saw, expressed the following words; “Our home, our home is gone. We have nothing left. The people here were evacuated by the security forces. They were taken to safe places. My house was also here. It burned down, my wife died. I have 3 children. We are miserable, but it came from God, he will do it.” there is nothing. “

A statement came from the Governor of Adana, Süleyman Elban

Süleyman Elban stated that the fire in Kozan was the 21st forest fire in Adana during the day. because of the wind blowing at 70 kilometers per hour stated that it is getting harder and harder to control the fire. Emphasizing that the size of the fire and its cooradollars were detected thanks to the UAV, Elban said that 7 villages have been evacuated so far.

The following statements were included in the continuation of Elban’s statement; “A fire started an hour ago in Aladağ. Unfortunately, today there are many fires in the Mediterranean Region, in Mersin, Osmaniye and in our province. The windstorm has a very serious effect on this. Both the humidity rate is very low and With the effect of the wind, many transformers and wires broke and padlocked. After evacuating our citizens, we continue to work intensively to prevent the fire from growing and compressing it with vehicles. “

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