Offered to users by technology giant Google Google Drive, a cloud storage service, is a must-have for Android users. With over 800 million monthly active users Google Drive more than three billion files are uploaded daily. Therefore, we can clearly say that it is the most used cloud storage service in the world.

for a long time Google Drive, if you haven’t done some research, it is very difficult to know all its features. Even using only some of these features will organize both your work life and your daily life. Tips all Google Drive users should know and let’s take a closer look at some of the key features this service has to offer.

Google Drive tips and highlights:

  • Use the Google Drive search engine.
  • Share your files publicly.
  • Follow the comments on the files you share e.
  • Use the Google Drive Chrome extension.
  • Convert images to text.
  • View Microsoft Office documents via Google Drive.
  • Back up on different devices.
  • Categorize files using colors e.
  • Explore Google Drive keyboard shortcuts.

Use Google Drive search engine (it also crawls text in documents):

If you’ve been using Google Drive for a long time, things might seem a little messy. Instead of trying to find the files you are looking for in this mess, to the system’s own search engineyou can do a pinpoint search by typing the name of the file you are looking for. In order to use this feature effectively, it is recommended that you give clear names to the files you back up.

Share your files publicly if needed (Just send a link):

One of the most striking features of the Google Drive service is that you can save the files you have backed up with just a link. is that you can share it with anyone you want. Right click on the file you want to share and Share

Click on . After editing the sharing settings, you can share the link you receive by sending it to the person you want, on the platform you want.

Follow the comments on the files you share:

Other users can comment or make different additions to the Google Drive files you have shared. Of these to be notified instantly you must turn on notifications. Google Drive Settings and expand the Notifications tab. From here, choose whether you want to receive notifications via browser or email. It is possible to receive all change notifications on your files in this way.

Sharing options to receive comments and different additions to the files you share. Anyone who knows the link and then these contacts Commenter

You should save it as . If you share files if you want to be editedpeople with the link Editor

You should save it as . You should make sure that the files you make such changes can be accessed by you.

Use the Google Drive Chrome extension:

Since Google Drive is a Google service, of course it also offers an extension for the Google Chrome internet browser. You can browse with the Google Drive Chrome extension, which you can download and install on your browser from here. articles and images on websites you can easily save it to your cloud storage. It is possible to access all these texts and images that you have saved from any device.

Convert images to text:

If you have the text you want to use in visual form, it can be crazy to write it down line by line. Don’t bother with it. Right-click on that image in Google Drive and open it with Google Docs. Google Docs, aka Google Docs, has with optical character recognition will convert that image to text. There may be minor errors in the text, but it is much easier to correct them than to write them from scratch.

What you need to pay attention to during the process of converting the image to text the most important point is the visual quality.A dark photo may not be converted correctly. For this reason, you can lighten the image a little before the process. Likewise, handwritten texts can cause some problems during conversion.

View Microsoft Office documents via Google Drive:

Let’s say a friend or colleague sent you a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file, but you do not have Microsoft Office programs installed on your computer. Do not worry. You can install it by downloading it from here Editing Office Documents with Chrome extensionYou can view Microsoft Office files. For this, the files you want to view must be installed in your Google Drive storage.

Back up on different devices:

Google Drive is not a cloud storage service used only on a single computer. You can also backup from your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the mobile applications that you can download from the Google Play Store and App Store. Same way backing up on different computers is also possible. Moreover, by selecting the device on the tool tab, it is possible to easily see which file was loaded from which device.

Categorize files using colors:

To categorize your files in Google Drive, you can open a separate folder for each so you can find what you’re looking for much easier. However, this is a bit of a tedious method.You can choose to color the files instead. Right click on the file and Change Color

Click . It is possible to find what you are looking for in a much easier and more fun way by making such color changes on similar files.

Explore Google Drive keyboard shortcuts:

Like many desktop applications, Google Drive offers shortcuts to make things easier for its users. It offers so many shortcuts that it has opened a separate page for it. Google Drive Settings open the screen and Keyboard Shortcuts

Click on . Each one will be used for a different operation. Dozens of different keyboard shortcuts will be released. Knowing a few of them will make your use of Google Drive much more enjoyable.

The world’s most used cloud storage service What Google Drive users need to know mudollaraswe talked about some tips and highlights. Thanks to these tips, a much more enjoyable and easy Google Drive experience will be waiting for you.

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