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Hay Day, developer of Clash of Clans Supercell

It is a free game published by . Thanks to his income in 2013 highest was in the 5 games with income. Almost everyone has played or heard of Clash of Clans. Hay Day has managed to attract the attention of many players, although it is slightly different in content.

Just as in every game it is necessary to know a certain strategy and progress accordingly, this also applies to Hay Day. Brand new strategies and methods are required, both in terms of design aesthetics and because the game has a different goal. That’s why we are for beginners. 9 Hay Day tactics we have listed. We wish you pleasant reading.

How can you make quick money while playing Hay Day?

How do you play Hay Day like every player? easy and fastIf you think you can make money, this tactic is for you! There are several ways to make quick money. The most effective and practical wheat bread.

Plant wheat in every corner whenever possible. For when you grow your wheat crops, harvest you can. You can also sell items you don’t need. In this way, both easy as well fast you somehow make money.

If you also buy more land with your extra money, you will have more space to plant wheat. Thus, a money loop, there will be no problems because you will be in it.

What should you do to get a diamond on Hay Day?

on Hay Day coins are useful but have no effect when you compare them to a diamond. as much as you can your diamond get a lot and don’t waste these diamonds for nothing. Of course, you can get diamonds in in-app purchases, but you can also earn diamonds in-game.

There is more than one way to get diamonds. The most known of these; when you complete each level 1 or 2 becomes your diamond. Facebook Hay Day account for extra diamonds follow. This is the easiest way to get diamonds and if you log into Facebook app with Hay Day 5 diamonds you will have a chance to get more.

Sometimes you can get more diamonds thanks to the mystery boxes or when you successfully complete your missions. Therefore, it will be good for you to pay attention to these boxes and to successfully complete your missions.

If you don’t know what Hay Day newspaper is for and what you can do with it, this tactic is for you!

When you start playing the game mudollaraka newspapers, but it’s only natural that at first you don’t understand what to do with these newspapers or what they do. Sometimes it is possible to overlook the small details that you think will not be very important.

Thanks to these papers extrayou can earn coins. Also, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one newspaper. You can steal other players’ newspapers. In this way, you both earn extra money and strategic you get the chance to get ahead of your opponents with one move.

No need to rush when selling

Sometimes, in some cases, the opposing player may want to buy your goods from you. However, you the offer you want when they don’t offer better offer

It would be a better decision for you to wait until arrives.

The only thing that matters in this process is money. in case of need that you don’t stay. So always make sure you keep your game in a certain order or you will lose your products. ideal offers you will have to sell below. This will not be good for you.

The best tactic to sell your goods and products is on the roadside from the shops to receive offers. It’s a game you have to balance as the developers want to emphasize the realism of the game. supply and demand flow they created.

Use Day and Night time

Most users want their games to run for them when they sleep. sync, but even when you don’t play Hay Day that doesn’t mean the game has stopped. You can create a space of time that you can take advantage of while you sleep, at work or at school.

For example, if your crops are long-yielding, it’s pretty good to plant either while you’re sleeping or just before you’re going to be playing your game. logical and practical is a tactic. Some crops yield saadollarser. That’s why if you sow these crops within the time specified above, when you wake up or when you’re done, you will see the yield. completed

Do not miss the new deals!

We told you what to do with the newspaper, which is one of the previous tactics. Now we will give our tactics on another function of the newspaper. When you look at the newspaper, deals and dealsyellow you will see. Even if you don’t like any of them, don’t worry because there are more of them.

You can see the new opportunities as you check your newspaper. When you close and reopen the Hay Day application, newYou will encounter the Hay Day newspaper opportunities. This is a pretty good tactic to avoid waiting for new opportunities.

Take care to protect your crops

You may want to sell your entire harvest and protect your crops, but it is very difficult to manage all of your crops and this is something that will hinder your growth as well. Always because the seed remains make sure you don’t sell your entire harvest because it will eventually come from another farmer at a higher price you would have to get.

The yield of your crop after harvest of each crop. to two will be staffed. Do not forget this! In addition, in order to feed your animals constantly wheat, corn and feed is also a must.

Keep playing the game, continuity is important!

of a game continuity is very important. That’s why the best tactic we can give you is not to lose your continuity while playing Hay Day. when during the day your free time, you can evaluate it by playing the game and logging in frequently. Because if you want to stay with the flow of the game, this is the first thing you should do.

Supercell, creator of Hay Day, made the game so brilliant they somehow did so that the game doesn’t actually actually stop. This is the users game continuous.

Don’t forget to get your treasures!

Another important and valuable tactic after continuity is; from treasure chests treasures to collect. So where and how do you find these treasures? The answer is very easy. In another player’s doubledolls to find treasure tool box will suffice.

If you notice that the box is closed; x button

You can press anything except . If the box is open; in treasure take it anyway. When you look in your own toolbox later on, all the available aledollarsere that you have you will see.


playing only at first entertainment, although it seems to be done for, things may change later on. ‘Cause he’s playing hard work may require.

This is for our users who want to be successful in the game. 9 tactic we have listed and explained. We hope that the tactics you need and the question about the game have been enough content for your series.

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