NASA keeps mysterious events on Mars


  • Alien hunters claim to have spotted a stone circle on the surface of Mars
  • They claim it resembles the famous Stonehenge formation in Wiltshire
  • However, experts have warned that stone circles can also form naturally
  • It is the latest in a long line of strange ‘objects’ spotted in images of Mars

From floating spoons and coffins to crabs and pyramids, alien hunters are often reporting strange structures in images beamed back from the surface of Mars. Now, the latest ‘discovery’ seen using high-resolution images of the Martian surface, a mysterious circle of stones have been spotted on top of a raised mound on the planet. Dubbed ‘Marshenge’, alien enthusiasts have been comparing it to the famous stone circle at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.

A stone circle that has been compared to Stonehenge has been spotted in images sent back by a spacecraft orbiting the red planet. Dubbed ‘Marshenge‘, alien hunters have seized on the images but experts say it could be created by natural processes which cause rocks to be ‘sorted’ in freeze and thaw cycles of permafrost

Nigel Watson, the author of The UFO Investigations Manual, said ‘Marshenge‘ was likely to strengthen the determination of those who believe ancient monuments like Stonehenge were built by aliens. He said: ‘Pyramid structures have been regularly spotted on Mars that have been linked to the ancient pyramids of Earth, now with Marshenge we have a link to our earlier prehistoric structures.


MARS spheres

The photograph taken by NASA’s vehicle on Mars led to controversy.
NASA continues to search for life on Mars. In general, it is now clear that there is no big live on the planet we can observe. Therefore, the submitted vehicles continue to search for living things in microscopic size.

A photograph taken on the surface of Mars took conspiracy theorists into action. In the photo, an extremely smooth sphere bumps into the pore. This sphere, having a different color from the surface of Mars, reemphasized the claims of an ancient civilization on Mars.

It has been reported that there have been metal globes on Mars several times before. But this information does not prove the claim of “Old Mars civilization”. The correctness of such an assertion can be proven by the presence of different objects on the surface of the red planet, or by revealing any object below the surface of vehicles that can be excavated on Mars. We will wait for both possibilities for many years.

                                                                                                                The same rocks are the world?????

MARS petrified tree

Yes, it is not the day after that a new finding of the life trail on Mars is to be raised and discussed in the press and social media. This time it is written and drawn that there is a fossilized and petrified tree.

Most of the images sent by the Curiosity spacecraft are published publicly by NASA as you know it. Especially amateur astronomers can review these published photographs and make new discoveries. However, conspiracy theorists do not overlook the same photographs and do not neglect to give out fervent ideas.

Previously it was revealed that there was a photo of “alien” on Mars, and we worked on it in this post. Again, in the following article, we have mentioned that the “spoiled air spoon” and the “triplets” we mentioned here were among the allegations revealed by the conspirators in mars photography.


Now, it is claimed that there are “fossilized tree trunks” in one of the incoming photographs. The photo you see above is an image of Curiosity pulling out on Mars day 1647 and sending it to Earth. A vertical stone can be seen on the left side of the view of a rocky area. This is the structure that is laid out in a log.

They have created a video about the claim that this photo of the area shaped by wind erosion can be followed here. Of course, they did not hesitate to embellish with a lot of computer effects.

light seen in Mars

In April, a light glow, which looked like an object, was displayed by Curiosity in Mars and had a long-standing controversy. On June 20, Curiosity once again displayed the same event, although the incident could not be fully explained.

In the image taken with Curiosity’s left navigation camera, 31 seconds after the first picture was taken, the light  was approached towards the camera. As we were wondering if there was a UFO yet to be understood, the reflection of the light in the image according to the analysis of the website was attributed to the warming of the camera sensors during the long exposure. However, this statement does not seem to satisfy UFO enthusiasts.

mars pyramid

The Mars of the Curiosity Mars discovery tool discovered the presence of a pyramid that looked almost impeccable. While conspiracy theorists have made a lot of claims about the subject, while the corporeal theorists view this body as evidence of life on Mars, a group of pyramids that it sees is evidence of the association of ancient Egyptians with aliens. from a very different point of view, the stones have taken the form of a pyramid by chance.

The news has found widespread in the foreign press. Scientists on Mars are looking for four lives of living things through robots. Since 1960, US, Russian, Japanese and Europeans have sent 38 spacecraft to Mars, which is planned to be manned in 2020, but less than half of them have been successful. Here are the stunning squares of the Red Planet Mars from which life searches are led.

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