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The Gallagher family would not be wrong to say that many people’s favorite poor family. For years, almost all of us have watched with fondness as Frank tries to extort money from everyone and Fiona’s desperate steps to find her love.

Actually, there’s something most of us don’t know, Shameless is a series that first came out in the UK in 2004, the US version we all know was filmed and aired after that, but it was also the legend. In this article, we will talk about the differences between Shameless USA and UK.

Shameless USA Vs. Shameless England differences:

  • Budget and production
  • Acting
  • Continuation time of the series
  • Neighbors
  • Censorship and adult content
  • Relationships
  • Gallagher family
  • The bar where everyone hangs out
  • Character development

Budget and production

This situation is not actually in the hands of the producers, but Shameless USA has a much larger production budget. Of course, this is a great effect in increasing the detailing and visuality in the series. In addition, this is the case as product placement and marketing opportunities in the US have a wider range than in the UK.

Both versions of the series created an elaborate set to create the Gallagher family home, but the US version was filmed in many different locations and sets. For example, Patsy’s restaurant is actually an operating business.


One of the biggest pluses of the US version is William H. Macy’s Frank Gallagher is almost born to play. The Frank of the UK version, David Threlfall, does his job well, of course, but our brother William takes things to a whole new level, which is a fact.

However, the UK version is not without its pluses. For example, in the first season, Steve, James McAvoy, who is one of the most talented actors of our time. In addition, as a general opinion by many internet commentators, the cast of the British version was chosen more sincere, sympathetic and suitable for the characters.


Kevin and Veronica exists in both versions, but they leave the series in season 4 of the UK version and the Maguire family begins to take center stage. The Milkovich family in the US version, on the other hand, does not have the same effect, except for the relationship of Ian and Micky. In the UK version, the Maguire family even outstrips the Gallagher family.

Censorship and adult content

Shameless is available in both the UK and the US with elements such as nudity, bad habits and profanity is known. However, the UK version has a more mature, realistic and dramatic feel, as you know that the US version also has a lot of comedy elements.


Many of the romantic relationships between the characters, Shameless

It appears in two different versions of in different forms. For example, in the UK version, after Ian and Mickey break up, Ian marries a woman. In the US version, however, Ian ends his relationship with Mickey after his prison adventure and does not marry anyone.

Gallagher family

One of the biggest differences between the two versions is, To the Gallagher family is the approach. In the UK version, the main characters of the family leave the series. In fact, we can say that only Frank remains in the family. Towards the end of the series, the main focus shifts not to the Gallagher family but to the neighboring families. Also in the UK version, there is an extra member of the Gallagher family named Stella.

The bar where everyone hangs out

The name of the bar everyone frequents in the UK version of Shameless The Jockey, in the US version it is called The Alibi Room. Of course, the only difference is not in the name. For example, in the UK version, the Maguire family owns the bar ferdollarseri. In the US version, the owners of the bar are the couple Kevin and Veronica and Svedollarana, who later joined them.

Character development

In the UK version of Shameless, the plot development is not always done in the most accurate way, as the handling of the plots in the US version leads to a stronger bond with the series. Another reason for this is that, as we mentioned before, the main ferdollar series of the Gallagher family is leaving the series one by one in the UK version.

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