Anyone who enters app stores from their smartphone or tabledollarser, mudollarska 8 Ball Pool encountered the game. 8 Ball Pool, which has been loved for years, was first launched in October 2010 within Miniclip. The game, which started its life as a Flash game, has also been thrown into the mobile sector with the change of the era. Since 2014 also had success after success.

Published on mobile in 2013, the game continues to be the most downloaded mobile billiards game since 2014. The game has achieved quite a bit of success in the past few days. 8 Ball Pool, ‘ Most Downloaded Mobile Pool Game in the Guinness Book of World Records with the title managed to log in.

4,000 balls are punched every second:

According to the shared details, 8 Ball Pool has been downloaded by 796 million 721 thousand 888 people to date. The game, which is shown as the ‘number one game’ of Miniclip, 260 million hours per month is played and 4 thousand billiard balls are inserted into the hole every second in the game. The game managed to leave behind giants such as Candy Crush Saga and Pokemon GO at the time.

Guinness World Records Referee Richard Stenning stated in his statement that getting into the World Records Book is not an easy task. Stenning said it’s not a big deal considering that it’s a huge success and the downloads continue to increase every day. an impossible success.

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