Even if you don’t use social media platforms, you are still using Facebook’s messaging app WhatsApp and a search engine Google mudollarsa. Unfortunately, such large companies do not share all of our personal information, but our metadata with third parties, and thus we know you customize internet ads.Well, internet

Can’t be used more securely?

We use many mobile applications that we use today only out of habit. In fact, their service is not unique. To make your internet use much saferThere are alternative mobile applications that you can use instead of known applications. Internet, even if it is not possible to hide everything in the world, at least it is possible to keep some things hidden with alternative applications.

Alternative mobile applications you can use for a safer internet experience:

  • DuckDuckGo
  • ProtonMail
  • Signal
  • Tutanota
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Brave

DuckDuckGo instead of Google:

DuckDuckGo is a search engine just like Google, but offers a much safer use. Using DuckDuckGo can avoid ad tracking networks, you can increase your password protection, make all your searches private, view the privacy policies of the websites you visit. Moreover, thanks to the fire button feature, it is possible to destroy all your browsing history data with one touch.

ProtonMail instead of Gmail:

ProtonMail, an e-mail service just like Google’s Gmail, offers a highly secure e-mail experience. Your end-to-end encrypted emailsno one other than the sender and receiver can see it. You can also send specially encrypted e-mails through the ProtonMail service, which has more than 1 million users. All servers of the service are located in Switzerland and protected by Switzerland’s world’s strongest privacy laws. The application works for free and ad-free.

Signal instead of WhatsApp:

Signal, whose name we started to talk about frequently with the confidentiality agreement, which WhatsApp later took a step back, still one of the most secure messaging apps today. Increasing its service quality as it becomes popular, Signal protects all your text messages, photos and videos with end-to-end encryption method. It is free and ad-free.

Tutanota instead of Hotmail:

Even though the Gmail alternative is seen as Microsoft’s email service Hotmail, it’s actually A much safer alternative to Tutano Working with 1 GB of data storage, Tutanota protects all your e-mails with end-to-end encryption. Since it is an open source service, it eliminates your security concerns. Thanks to the private security system, no one who does not know your password can access your profile information.

Mozilla Firefox instead of Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox has been the most important competitor of Google Chrome for years, as well as the most remarkable alternative with its high security. Mozilla Firefox, even if you do nothing has the feature of automatically blocking ad tracking networks. You can become invisible thanks to the incognito mode, which you can easily open with one touch. You will see that web pages are opened much faster thanks to the ads blocked by Mozilla Firefox, which offers a plug-in archive as large as Chrome.

Brave instead of Safari:

Brave mobile internet browser is the safest alternative you can use instead of Safari, the mobile internet browser that comes pre-installed on Apple devices. You don’t need to use an ad blocking service when connecting to the internet with Brave. Because in the browser itself pop-up ad blocker,has third-party ad-blocker and anti-malware features. Maximum internet security is offered with a single mobile application.

Things to consider for a safer internet experience:

First of all, instead of downloading APK mobile applications from unfamiliar websites, Prefer mobile app stores such as App Store and Google Play Store.Pay attention to who developed the mobile applications you download from these stores, comments made, and score e.

Which of your data can be accessed by the mobile applications you use? on both your Android and iOS devices you can edit. For example, why would a mobile game want to access your camera, microphone, or contacts? Delete such a mobile app from your device immediately and report it to the app store.

By using the mobile apps we listed above and the like, big companies like Google and Facebook can cool off to make money on you you can block. Of course, it can be difficult to use at first as you change your habits, but it is the most effective way to maximize your data privacy.

Of course now you need to choose difficult and complex passwords, We think that we don’t even need to remind you that you should use a different password specific to each platform, use two-factor authentication, not allow any applications, that you should set a unique password for your device, and that you shouldn’t share such passwords even with your closest friends.

You can use it for a much safer and more confidential internet use. we listed alternative mobile applications and what precautions you can take for a safer internet experience. You can share your thoughts about the mobile applications on our list in the comments.

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