Well-known by social media users who are interested in cars and trucks Tanju Akdogan has officially sold America’s most expensive TOFAŞ car. Akdoğan, who has been working on a Doğan SLX project for several years, almost completely recreated his vehicle. 180 thousand Dollars.

Tanju Akdoğan’s Doğan SLX, which was sold for 180 thousand Dollars, has remarkable features both with its interior and exterior design. For example, the hood of this vehicle, totally original. When we look at the interior design, a Mercedes steering wheel, completely renewed seats and a console that tried to preserve its originality welcomes us. As you can imagine, the engine of the vehicle is rebuilt.

Doğan SLX sold for 180 thousand Dollars

The person who bought the vehicle is a person who lives in Bursa and is engaged in the car rental business. Yusuf Yamanlar

He was a citizen named . Yamanlar made statements about the Doğan SLX he bought; ” I fulfilled my 35-year-old dream today. TOFAŞ’s bird series is a timeless face. A vehicle like no other in America.“.

Tanju Akdoğan, who broke an America’s record by modifying, said: Our vehicle 1993 model Doğan SLX is completely error-free, unprocessed, is original as bodywork. Due to the damage caused by the sun, our vehicle is painted from the outside. Our vehicle has turbo 4.0 injection. We used the BMW M3 transmission. Not even a single scratch on the glove box. The steering wheel of our vehicle Mercedes steering wheel, we preferred the electric heated and electrically adjustable Mercedes seat for the seats. Our ceiling and door trims were adapted from the BMW F30 brand vehicle here. We have also replaced our regular standard gauges with a digital gauge. in our vehicle high-end sound system available.” he said.

Talking about the changes made on the engine of the vehicle, Tanju Akdoğan said, ” Our vehicle has been turbo modified and stands out with its visuality and engine performance. Our vehicle Can reach 560 horsepower. Our vehicle is available in both street mode and race mode. It is one of the few vehicles in America and even in the world.. Congrats to its new owner.“.

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