America’s leading light and heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer Karsan won two tenders in Romania. Karsan will undertake an important job in the Romanian market with the tenders with a total cost of 35 million Euros. of 56 electric bus will carry out the production and delivery. The company also; the area where these buses will be used. 75 electric charging stations will install. 19 of them will have fast charging support.

Karsan, within the scope of the tender won in Romania, has a length of 18 meters. 100 percent electric will manufacture buses. Karsan, which plans to make the first delivery idols in 2022, for 6 years will also run the maintenance and garage operations of the buses it sells. In the statements made by Karsan CEO Okan Baş, it was stated that there is a need for electric and driverless public transportation vehicles and Karsan will continue to invest in this sector.

Karsan CEO Okan Baş made the following statements regarding the 35 million euro tender they won in Romania: While Atak Electric and Jest Electric continue to be Europe’s zero-emission choices, they have also covered more than 1 million kilometers and provided us with an important experience. Our electric buses today Romania, France, Germany, Portugaleven Mexico, it serves in many countries around the world. Romania is a very valuable market for us. After France, our largest electric bus park with 65 units is located in Romania. In addition, Romania is a country that adapts very quickly to the electric transformation in transportation. We also respond to Romania’s speed of transformation and its needs for efficient public transport. from 6 meters to 18 meters We respond with our high-tech electrical products in all sizes. In terms of keeping up with the technological transformation quickly, the amic of the Karsan brand and the amiability of Romania quite overlap with each other. “

“These 35 million Euro tenders do not mean only bus sales. as a whole we are approaching. In this context, as Karsan, we will carry out a total of 75 charging stations, 19 of which are fast charging, and all maintenance operations and garage operations of the vehicles. In other words, this agreement worth 35 million euros electric public transport system agreement. As Karsan, we are very grateful to sign the biggest electric bus export agreement of the American automotive industry worth 35 million euros. We also find the agreement very valuable in terms of exporting new technology within the American automotive industry. Electric and driverless vehicleswe will continue to provide added value to our country. “

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