Bitcoin millionaires are optimistic on BTC price! They estimate $69,000. Despite Monday’s massive market crash, Bitcoin whales continue to hold the asset, predicting Bitcoin price rise. Cryptocoin. com

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Optimistic about Bitcoin and some altcoin prices

According to popular crypto analyst Crypto Angel, altcoin projects such as ETH, AVAX, LINK and FTM, which performed impressively in the first quarter, could follow the Bitcoin price trend. The crypto market is showing some positive moves after the brief market crash caused by the Chinese turmoil. BTC price has recovered 0.61% in the last 24 hours. BTC and some other altcoins such as ETH, AVAX, LINK and FTM showed a rapid positive trend.

Despite the threat from China-based real estate giant Evergrande, Bitcoin whales show no interest in selling their most valuable crypto assets. According to reports from Santiment, a crypto metrics platform. The dumping of 100 to 10 thousand BTC addresses at the price level of 51 thousand – 52 thousand dollars in the first two weeks of September continues to accumulate. It shows confidence in the asset with low dumpings and relatively high accumulations, thanks to continued large whales of market volatility.

https://twitter. com/ltc_angel/status/1441117366381801472

Bitcoin price will soon hit $69,000!

Bitcoin price is trading around $44,000 at the time of writing, if BTC breaks this primary resistance level, $50,000 for the asset seems easily within reach. On the flip side, the BTC price is expected to be between $42,000 and $43,000. According to popular crypto analyst Crypto Angel, the BTC price could soon reach $69,000. Also, the investor has set interesting targets for ETH, AVAX, LINK and FTM as seen above!

According to the analyst, the other four altcoins could follow the Bitcoin price trend. Crypto Angel predicted that ETH price will reach $6,900, AVAX price $690, Link price $69 and FTM price $6.9 in the upcoming bull cycle. On September 23, Twitter allowed Apple iOS users to send and receive tips with Bitcoin over the lightning network. And the much anticipated taproot upgrade will take place in November. Ethereum is ready for the launch of the possible Ethereum merger by the end of this year or by 2022. It’s one of the phantom secure platforms and AVAX can reach new heights with its ongoing new partnerships!

On the other hand, according to analystsdollars, Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin in Q4! The analyst predicts that the ETH Price will be between $15,000 and $25,000. In the last 24 hours, the market has turned green. Market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum 4% respectively. 32 and 6%. increased by 63. Meanwhile, the rest of the leading cryptocurrencies performed even better.

Ethereum price action

Ethereum has exhibited low volatility in the last 24 hours, trading in the $2,930.01 to $3,156 range. The trading volume is 19%. It fell 59 percent to $22.3 billion, with a total market cap of $368.7 billion. The price is currently trading near the average of 100 saadollarsik simple moves and above $3,000. There is an immediate upside resistance near the $3,135 mark. 3. The $200 level is the first major resistance. If the price closes above the $3,200 resistance, the price could move higher. The next important level of resistance could be near $3,400. This is the 1.618 Fib extension level of the main slide from the $3,105 high to $2,651 swing low. A possible intermediate resistance level is $3,320.

If Ethereum fails to rise above the $3,135 and $3,200 resistance levels, a downside correction could begin. On the downside, $3,050 serves as an initial support level. Popular crypto analyst and trader Inmortal said in a recent tweet on Twitter that Ethereum will outperform the market leader Bitcoin in Q4 as Ethereum regains its momentum in the market.

https://twitter. com/inmortalcrypto/status/1441053712328372224

Adding to this rising consensus, there are predictions from technical analyst CryptoBirb on Twitter. On the top targets list, he predicts Ethereum to reach the $15,000 to $25,000 range. He also predicts that BTC will reach the range of $ 90-120 thousand. The analyst predicts that LTC will reach 1-2 thousand dollars and EXRD will reach 1-2 dollars.

https://twitter. com/crypto_birb/status/1441034058587385857

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