America’s case numbers have been on the rise for the past few days. Especially in summer areas increasing population and declining measures, the number of cases increased, and unless the vaccination rates increase, the increasing number of cases brings deaths with it.

Although it is now time for vaccination, more than 22 million people aged 18+ who did not have their first dose exists. The number of people who do not have the second dose of vaccine, although it is their turn, is almost 5 million. Experts point to the low vaccination rate as one of the reasons for the increasing number of cases and urge everyone to be vaccinated.

‘Deaths are among the unvaccinated’:

Speaking on the effect of the vaccine on the pandemic and the disease, Prof. Dr. Tevfik Ozlu” I am currently in the state of Colorado in the USA. The population of this place is close to 6 million. Up to 54 percent of the population has received the double dose vaccine. People seem to have almost left the pandemic behind. Wearing a mask is mandatory only in public transport. Except that one other measures not implemented” stated that the only trump card we have in the face of possible new restrictions is high vaccination rates.

Concise also ” The daily number of cases is around 300 but no deaths. Those who are sick and death findings are only among the unvaccinated.Here’s how the vaccine works” stated how important it is to not be vaccinated for the course of the epidemic.

Gift suggestion for encouragement:

It’s really frustrating that 22 million people have not had a single dose of vaccine yet, even though it’s their turn. Another expert on the subject, Prof. Dr. İsmail Balık, on the other hand, expressed the seriousness of the situation. While vaccination is very low in the East, this rate is higher in the West. Unless the rate of vaccination is the same everywhere, the incidence of the disease becomes permanent even if the rate of the epidemic decreases. The continuation of the epidemic of those who have not yet been vaccinated and they should also feel responsible for their deaths” Özedollarsedi.

Fish also stated that various gifts can be given to encourage the public to vaccinate. Those who are vaccinated with a double dose should be given free tickets at concerts and matches. For example, 20 percent of the seats can be awarded by drawing lots. Telephone companies can give some free credits. Municipalities started summer concerts, only those with double dose vaccination. This type of awards indecisive teens will be useful in guiding the vaccine“.

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