Japanese automotive giant as the dates show November 2020 Honda, one of the most popular car models Civic ‘s 11th generation prototype design for the first time. 2022 Honda Civic prototype first shared car lovers received mixed reviews, but the vehicle was often criticized for being “less sporty” than the current model.

When we come to today, in Civic11Forum, 11. generation Honda Civic

Photos of a new white 2022 Honda Civic have emerged, which are thought to show the upcoming mass production version of The mass production model, which has a substantially similar design to the prototype shown at the end of last year, is again a It looks more like an “Accord” model than a Civic.

When we compare the design of the new Honda Civic with the current model, we see that the body looks flatter and longer. The design of the headlights is more similar to the body. thin and long

While becoming ; The design of the stops, which has a side “V”-like design, is more classic unified.

The 10th generation of the Civic, one of the most popular sedans in the D segment, had a winking look at sports cars. When we look at the new generation Civic, simple, elegant and “seated” offers a view. So which Civic design do you find more “pretty”? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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