like a caravan travel gadgets is loved by the great majority. Such vehicles, which make you feel at home when you are away from your home, attract the attention of both young people and adults who plan a vacation. Have you ever thought about how extreme this travel reputation can be? Dembell Motorhomes developed the answer to this question ‘ land yacht.

which is a 3-axle model and Mercedes from 4K television to king size bed in the vehicle using the chassis, From a garage you can fit a Ferrari It has everything from a spa-style bathroom. Let’s look at the other details of the vehicle together.

House from aledollarseries Miele, entertainment system from Bose:

If we continue a little more from general information; oven, microwave and a capacity of 60 gallons (227 liters) refrigerator from Miele, while the home theater system From Bose, we see. At the top of our eco-friendly model solar panels. In addition, the model, which has a 270 gallon (approximately 1022 liters) capacity tadollar water tank, also has a built-in generator.

Moving on to the interior, including the captain’s seat at the front 4 seats and a bed that can be raised and lowered. Aforementioned all seats have massage feature. The bed can be removed when desired and an office/entertainment environment can be created. In this area To a 70 inch 4K television Accompanied by the Bose entertainment system.

In the living space presented in the middle, leather seat upholstery and dining chairs that can be folded draw attention. In addition, it must be said that the lighting and colors look very nice.

When we move to the rear with the expansion feature, a large bed and a 55 inch television we see.

On the bathroom side stone floors. The vehicle, which offers a spa-style bathroom, also has a washing machine.

The garage of the vehicle grows according to the package you choose. In this context bikea coupe model from a garage that you can fit sports car a few options are offered, up to a garage you can fit in.

Finally, there is an awning on the vehicle, which is approximately 6 meters wide and approximately 3 meters long. Vehicle August 27 at the Düsseldorf Caravan Fair will be displayed as official. Although there is no clear information about the price 2 million dollars (approximately 17 million Dollars excluding taxes) is estimated to be around. You can share your thoughts about the vehicle in the comments section.

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