We have seen many streams that we witnessed dangerous on social media platforms before. Although we have mentioned different applications TikTok did not fall off the world agenda on this issue. For this reason, in many locations with bans We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the application that has been confronted is also a lover as well as a dislike.

Past approximate 3 years, a TikTok trend that caused serious health problems is on our agenda today. As we mentioned at the beginning, this trend involves people placing two small ball magnets on both sides of the tongue and showing them as if they have piercings on their tongues. In the last 3 years, the number of children admitted to the hospital due to magnet swallowing exceeded 65 in the UK.

Doctors had to remove part of an 11-year-old boy’s bowel

11 year old Ellis Tripp

The boy named is about small magnetic balls. 5 pcs swallowed and taken to hospital, immediately undergoing surgery and 6 hours had an ongoing surgery. In this surgery, the balls in the intestine can be removed and a part of the intestine can be removed. was required. Her mother, who was in revolt about the situation, would have made her the TikTok current if she hadn’t taken her child to the hospital on time. could kill and parents’ children about these issues awareness raising said it should.

Outside Ellis Tripp 13 year old is one of those who faced serious surgery while trying to join this trend. Little girl, according to her mother’s words, magnetic balls exactly 15 pieces swallowed. These balls, whose diameter does not exceed 6 millimeters, are easily swallowed and when they enter the body

pulling they damage blood flow and organs in the body.

We all know these currents are dangerous, but the issue is to children when parents, brothers, sisters and other responsible persons come to just for the sake of curiosity should be careful about the actions it will take.

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