While Bitcoin is trading below $45,000, the current fiadollars debate whether there is a bottom or more. On this topic, we have compiled the forecasts and technical analysis of the Twitter analisdollar series. In addition to BTC, these 3 altcoin projects are focused on. According to Analisdollarser, the green week may come…

According to Pentoshi, this altcoin is now available!

Popular Twitter crypto analyst Pentoshi says that the REN, which powers transactions between different Blockchain platforms, is in a bullish trend. According to Pentoshi, Ren (REN) is showing strong signs in both USD and BTC doubledollars. Pentoshi’s technical analysis and charts:

I’ve been waiting for this retreat for a few days. It finally came. It looks incredible compared to the market. LTF/HTF (low timeframe/high timeframe) parabola generation. The super clean trend of HH + HLs (higher highs + higher lows). Momentum wins! Exactly what you want to see. For now, $1.34 is targeted for the USD pair.

Meanwhile, CoinGecko data shows that the REN started a massive move from $0.64 on September 13 to $1.17 on September 27, posting an 82% increase in just two weeks.

Cosmos (ATOM), among the most talked about altcoin projects this week

Another altcoin on the crypto analyst’s radar is Cosmos (ATOM), dubbed the “internet of blockchains.” According to Pentoshi, Cosmos looks strong against Bitcoin (ATOM/BTC) after gaining a crucial resistance area at $29.54 at 0.0007 BTC. The analyst shared this comment and technical chart for ATOM:

ATOM Update: Awakened. Multi-year breakage confirmed in retest. The way is open.

ATOM wants these levels against the dollar!

As for ATOM/USD, Pentoshi believes the pair is ready to hit the full ATH level after retesting the key level at $33 as support. Price expectations are in this range:

It’s harder to tell as price scouting has begun. But I think ATOM  can reach the range of $68-70 (Fibonacci extension) in the coming weeks.

Inmortal shared their analysis of Bitcoin and Ethereum

After Pentoshi, another popular Twitter analyst, Inmortal, compares Bitcoin’s latest drop to when BTC crashed in the spring of 2017 before nearly tripling over months. The analyst thinks that Bitcoin’s price drop that started earlier this month will continue until the beginning of October, but then it will reach ATH levels and more. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s current price action will be “the last drop ever,” according to Inmortal.

Inmortal warns crypto investors!

The Twitter analyst states that holding the bottom in the face of Bitcoin’s macro pressures across the board bodes well for a future price hike. He made the following comments, stating that BTC is durable:

It is a good sign that BTC is not falling despite all the FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt]. Get back $45,000 and I’m waiting for it to reach a new ATH.

Meanwhile, Inmortal also said it has been a “green week” for Ethereum (ETH). Cryptocoin. com You can access the Ethereum analysis of van de Poppe, whose analysis we shared, here. Agree with Inmortal about the 2017 bullish turn on Poppe and is targeting $20,000 in ETH.

Capo predicts Bitcoin price to drop

Our last Twitter analyst, Capo, agrees with Inmortal and expects Bitcoin to ignite all-time high rallies, but predicts less bearish than Inmortal. will come by. Capo’s tweet of September 28

If you don’t save between $40,000 and $45,000, you’ll soon regret it.

https://twitter. com/CryptoCapo_/status/1442837369422495753

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