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Cable TV channel in 2013 Adult Swim

Started broadcasting on (an adult channel) Rick and Morty has managed to create a huge fan kidollar vogue at America’s in a short time. TV series, especially black humor and science fiction style stories attract viewers who love. For those who do not know or wonder, let’s briefly talk about Rick and Morty’s story and give interesting information about the series that you probably did not know.

Coming out one day after 20 years Rick Sanchez comes to her daughter Beth’s house and starts living with them. Beth is happy with her father’s return, but his wife, Jerry, doesn’t feel that much. Because Rick occupied Jerry’s garage by transforming it into a dangerous laboratory where he worked on various science fiction devices. Moreover, his grandchildren Morty and Summer

He takes with him and pursues adventure in other universes …

Interesting details about Rick and Morty that you probably didn’t know about:

  • The story of the movie is inspired by the movie Back to the Future
  • Rick’s burps occurred accidentally
  • The first part of the series was written in a very short time.
  • Rick and Morty are voiced by the same person
  • The producer wanted to make the episodes for 11 minutes.
  • The credits of the series are a mixture of Doctor Who and Tintin
  • The person who voiced Rick was constantly drinking beer and water to be able to burp.
  • The person who voiced Rick’s daughter Beth is quite familiar
  • Rick never wears a seat belt in the car
  • There are some signs that Rick is constantly drinking
  • The drama has a Breaking Bad reference
  • In section names, a word game is usually made with the name Rick.
  • We only saw Rick’s last name once (in episode name)
  • Walter White was invited to audition for the drama
  • An episode was posted on Instagram before TV
  • Mr. All intros for Poopybutthole changed
  • Rick and Morty hosted The Simpsons
  • Jerry’s car is inspired by a legendary movie
  • Fans gathered and wrote letters to the channel
  • We saw a hamburger commercial on Rick and Morty

As you can imagine the inspiration for Back to the Future movies

Rick and Morty, the show’s creator Justin Roiland’s The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti

It comes from the short film . That short film was also inspired by the characters Marty and Doctor in the movie Back to the Future. Even the names of the characters are the same. However, the movie is obscene and not very nice, so we don’t recommend it. Fortunately, Rick and Morty was able to get out of the objectionable atmosphere of the short film he was inspired by.

Rick’s habit of burping stems from a shooting error in the recording room

You know, one of Rick’s highlights is burping. This feature came about by accident. The producer of the series and the person who voiced Rick

Roiland explains: “Around 2006 I was recording audio for The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti. I was having a lot of fun too. During a line, I suddenly burped. It was very funny and disgusting. At that moment, “Let’s see if I knowingly do this in other lines?” I thought. Since then, Rick’s relentless belching is the case. ”

Roiland used to drink beer and water in the recording room to burp naturally.

The pilot episode of the series was written in just six hours.

It wouldn’t be a lie to say that Rick and Morty’s first episode is rushed. Dan Harmon, co-creator of the series, was writing Community at the time. They had to start working as soon as the schedule was tight and they wanted to get Rick and Morty ready as soon as possible. To Roiland Harmon “ If we don’t start now, we can’t start for three months. Come now, let’s write in six hours or something. “ he said. This is how the pilot episode of the series emerged in a snap.

Morty is also voiced by the same person:

Justin Roiland, one of the show’s creators, voices both Rick and his shy grandson Morty Smith.

The drama would actually be shorter than what we watched.

We are used to the length of American TV series though … Roiland initially hired the show. each episode is 11 minutes wanted to do it. However, the channel on which it will be broadcast, Adult Swim, had to change its decision to demand semi-solo episodes.

There are some inspirations in the credits of the series.

Rick and Morty’s iconic intro and theme music is a parody mix of Doctor Who and Tintin.

Roiland has not tried any more in the name of naturalness!

Because Rick is often drunk in the drama, Roiland tried to get drunk before filming Rick’s dialogues to be more realistic. However, it did not go as hoped and hardly recorded anything.

Does Rick’s daughter Beth sound familiar?

Playing Rick’s daughter Beth as Elliot in Scrubs and Stella (one of Ted’s exes) in How I Met Your Mother Sarah Chalke sings.

Take a closer look at Rick’s car scenes.

This is not a good example of course, but… All the other characters in the car scenes seat belt

Rick never puts on a belt while wearing .

When Rick is in a vehicle, pay attention to the sounds.

Whenever we see Rick in a car with an open door, empty alcohol cans and bottle clicker or we see it protruding.

There is also a Breaking Bad post

The way Rick says the word ‘bitch’ comes from Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. This is one of the legends associated with the character of Jesse.

Episodes usually have the word Rick in their name.

In the episodes, word games are often made with the name of Rick. For example “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind”, “A Rickle in Time”, “The Rickshank Rickdemption”. Speaking in numbers, from 31 episode names Word games with Rick on the 16th made.

We only saw Rick’s last name once

Rick’s last name was Sanchez only in season two. Big Trouble In Litdollarse Sanchez

We saw it in the name of the episode called .

Walter White would almost be on the series

In the early stages of the series, with Bryan Cranston (Walter White), one of the famous legends of Breaking Bad to voice Jerry auditions have been made.

Part of the series was posted on Instagram before television

Rixty Minutes, the season 1 episode of Rick and Morty, was on Instagram before it aired on Adult Swim. 109 video of 15 seconds shared.

Mr. All intros for Poopybutthole changed

Mr. Although the first episode where we saw the character of Poopybutthole was Total Rickall (season 2, episode 4), the producers edited the credits of each episode as if it was Mr. Poopybutthole always wanted to make it look like he was in the drama.

Rick and Morty were the guests of The Simpsons:

In the last episode of The Simpsons’ 26 season, Rick and Morty will be the guests of The Simpsons in the seating scene in the credits of the series.

Fans gathered and wrote letters to the channel

In 2016, fans of the series wrote a letter to Adult Swim, which aired Rick and Morty. In the letter Rick and Morty feature film requested a green light. However, according to the course of events, we will pass away before we can watch Rick and Morty’s movie.

Sources: Mental Floss, Fact Site

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