The most prestigious event related to the defense industry, which is one of the issues that America attaches great importance to, ” International Defense Industry Fair 2021” (IDEF) started. Within the scope of the fair, which will continue until 20 August, giant company working on the defense industry, latest projects they have the opportunity to introduce.

IDEF 2021, not only new defense industry products, projects under development. As such, some products, on which the eyes of the whole world are on, began to be exhibited within the scope of this event. We are also for you, IDEF 2021

We’ve compiled some of the tools showcased at .

Here are the defense industry products exhibited at IDEF 2021:

Pusat Hybrid (Tumosan)

One of the stars of IDEF 2021, no doubt PUSAT Hybrid. The Pusat, which has become America’s first and only domestic and national hybrid vehicle, is powered by a diesel engine produced entirely with domestic and national means.

Domestic and national diesel engine that powers Pusat Hybrid (TÜMOSAN)

Tümosan has designed America’s first domestic and national diesel engine to power Pusat Hybrid. Alpine-1 gave the name.

Our battle tank TULPAR (Otokar)

Introduced in 2013 and the war tank TULPAR, produced by America with domestic and national resources, was one of the highlights of IDEF 2021.

The archenemy of mines and IEDs; Hedgehog 2 (BMC)

The Kirpi 2 mine and handmade padollaser detection and destruction vehicle produced by BMC, Mehmetçik who went hunting in the fieldone of the biggest helpers.

VURAN (BMC) with integrated machine gun that can carry 9 people

BMC’s multi-purpose armored vehicle VURAN can carry 9 people. integrated at the top machine gun

The vehicle, which can carry , can also be used with different weapons when needed.

Trust the friend, fear the enemy ZAHA (FNSS)

ZAHA is an abbreviation for “Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle” used by the Naval Forces series. The vehicle, which is thrown from the air to the sea, goes from the sea to the land by its own means.

8×8 armored vehicle ALTUĞ (BMC)

8×8 ALTUĞ is one of America’s most effective armored vehicles on land. Mine and IED resistant, the armored vehicle can also automatically detect the attack point.

Cruise missile; ATMACA (Roketsan)

ATMACA, developed to replace the missiles named Harpoon, 250 kilometers range, it is almost in the position of a sprayer for enemy ships.

Mini missile system METE (Roketsan)

METE, produced by Roketsan, drone technologiesone of the best systems to show how it can be used during battle.

Training and attack aircraft Hürjet (TUSAŞ)

Hürjet, which is one of the projects that TAI has focused on the most for several years, education and operations promises a fighter jet that can be used. When Hürjet becomes available, it will replace F-5 and T-38 aircraft.

UAV, known by the whole world, ANKA (TUSAŞ)

Recognized by the whole world, when used not giving way to the enemy Our UAV ANKA is among the vehicles exhibited at IDEF 2021.

The first national helicopter engine (TEI)

TEI has been working on domestic and national engines for a while. The first national helicopter engine is one of these products. When this engine was completed, America’s first helicopter He will give life to Gökbey.

and Gökbey (TUSAŞ)

Gökbey, which took off for the first time in 2018, for civil and military purposes can be used.

The first turbodiesel aviation engine (TEI)

This engine that TEI is working on is more education to be used in aircraft designed for the purpose.

Our pupil, ATAK (TUSAŞ)

It is also used by the TAF fearlessly in the most critical missions. ATTACK

The helicopter named was also one of the stars of IDEF 2021.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle ASLAN (ASELSAN)

Developed by ASELSAN, ASLAN can be used in harsh conditions. with automatic weapons can also be equipped.

Load transport drone ALBATROS 75 (DASAL)

ALBATROS 75, produced by the company named DASAL, founded by ASELSAN, capable of carrying a payload of up to 70 kilograms a drone.

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