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Expand Universal Serial Bus translated into our language USB makes our work easier in many areas of our lives. This aledollarser, which allows us to charge our devices and transfer data to different devices, has a different version for each device, such as USB Type-A, Type-B, Type-C.

But someone is this universality‘ must have misunderstood, to use these cables penis preferred. For this 15-year-old young man from here on out; A bloody, surgical and difficult process began. To make matters worse, the young person in question had to go through this process with a USB cable. Let’s take a closer look at the details of our mind-blowing news.

What is regret, let’s explain:

When you take a look at the title or the description section of our news, you will humbly say ” Why?” question may have occurred. Let’s satisfy your curiosity now. At first, no one knew how this happened—even though the script was more or less self-explanatory. But the 15-year-old told doctors why he was trying to insert a USB cable through his urethra.

Young, with the effect of curiosity, said that he resorted to such a way(!) to measure the length of his penis. “ Come on, the USB cable is in there, how will it come out?” we seem to hear you say. This is the most exciting part. Will not be released.

From the urine of the teenager who jammed the USB cable in question. blood began to come and the pains grew as time passed. After that, our 15-year-old enthusiast, who was brought to the emergency room immediately, cystoscopy

Attempted to remove cable using . used in this method cystoscope instrument

Let’s show it in .

See work on our patient because of a knot in the cable cystoscope didn’t work either. Our young man was transferred directly from here to University College Hospital for deeper operations. It was also noted that our young person, who said he wanted to be treated without his mother, did not have any mental or physical problems at this point.

with x-ray the location of the node and full shape doctors, who learned, took the young man to the operating room. Here, the doctors who cut the area in question saw that the cable had split into two pieces and removed both of them. Stitches were placed on the urethra and penis of the young person who survived the cable, and catheters were inserted so that the urine would not pass through the damaged area while coming out.

Doctors who do not see any significant damage or wound after 2 weeks, removed the probes. It is certain that this will not remain a good memory for the young man in question. As we can understand from this blood-curdling event, we need to use the products produced only for production purposes. Cyberpunk 2077, you may have seen someone get wired in games or movies, but that doesn’t mean you can do anything, you get it.

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