As the era progresses, many technological equipment emerges and improves every year. When the concept of video games first emerged, there was no such thing as a gamer mouse. However, as the game industry developed and gaming on desktop platforms became widespread, ideas that would serve this purpose rapidly sprang up. 1999, the first mouse named as the gamer mouse, Razer Boomslang

It was released under the name . Of course, Boomslang’s features were not the kind to compete with today’s gaming mice. It was a collective mouse with a stylish and comfortable design for the time. Later, many new generation features were introduced to gaming mice: Detailed lighting, changeable weight, ergonomic designs for different game types and of course macro keys.

Gaming mice, one of the most basic members of gaming equipment, are offered for sale with many different features and designs. The main task of these mice is to provide comfort, convenience and speed to the user while playing games. Most preferred by the players macro mice takes the player to the next level with the extra keys on them. For those who are looking for macro maouse advice, we have selected 15 of them with different prices and features and briefly explained them. Let’s examine the pros and prices of all together.

Macro mouse suggestion list:

  • MSI Gg GM08
  • SteelSeries Rival 600
  • Gamepower Ursa
  • Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless
  • Xiaomi Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Philips Momentum SPK 9525
  • Razer Naga Trinity
  • Asus ROG Spatha
  • HyperX Pulsefire Raid
  • HP OMEN Reactor
  • Corsair M65 RGB Elite
  • Bloody ML160A LK
  • Monster Pusat V8
  • Lenovo Legion M200
  • Glorious Model O
  • GamePower Devour S

MSI Gg GM08, both wired and wireless, rechargeable at the moment of use


MSI Gg GM08, which has a simple look with its illuminated dragon logo and symmetrical design, is suitable for both right and left handed users. Total over 6 keys

The mouse with 2 macro keys. Keys Tested against over 10 million clicks

The mouse, which is , looks very long-lasting with its gold-plated USB tip. The mouse also has an adjustable weight system and a speed of 3200 DPI. This speed can be increased up to 4200 with the software of an MSI. Although not equipped with an interesting pile of buttons, the MSI Gg GM08 is a high-quality macro mouse that is quite adequate for most games. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

Long-lasting SteelSeries Rival 600 with 3 macro keys

The macro mouse SteelSeries Rival 600, which fits the phrase “luminous luminous”, has many customization features. The 8 different light sources inside the mouse, the two strips and the wheel at the top allow you to illuminate the wheel with many colors. 3 macro keys and 2 sensors

You can easily control the mouse with even when you lift it up. Over 60 million clicks

The Rival 600, with its lifespan, allows you to adjust the grip feeling exactly as you are looking for it with its 4 gram weight. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

Gamepower Ursa for high DPI seekers

Full 7 programmable keys with macro mouse Ursa, it guarantees durability up to 20 million clicks. RGB lighting in different parts of the mouse can take the color you want thanks to many options. The sensitivity of Ursa of the product with a non-slip and sweat-proof surface, to 5000 DPI. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless with 6 programmable keys

G305 Lightspeed, which stands out with its light and simple design 6 programmable macro keys have. 250 hours with 1 AA battery providing an uninterrupted gaming experience, the mouse gives a visual warning when the battery level drops to 15%. from 100 DPI to 12000 DPI

With its sensitivity as adjustable as and its powerful sensor, it provides a use like a wired mouse. Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless is available in 2 color options, black and white. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

Xiaomi Wireless Gaming Mouse for those who are tired of exaggerated designs

Launching products that provide convenience in all areas of life after smartphones, Xiaomi also satisfies the players with its wireless macro mouse. 6 programmable buttons, 2 separate lighting sections that can work with 4 different patterns and ergonomic design, the Xiaomi Wireless Gaming Mouse does not fall behind the well-known names of the industry. 1500 mAh battery

The sensitivity of the mouse with capacity to 7200 DPI

Adjustable up to . You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

Expensive but for a lifetime: Razer Naga Trinity

Naga Trinity, which can be called the king of the macro mouse category, thanks to its changing side panels As if you have 3 different mice provides an advantageous use. Of these changing panels One has 2 programmable macro keys, one has 7, the other has 12 programmable macro keys. Equipped with Razer’s Chroma technology, Naga Trinity, With 16.8 million color options offers unlimited lighting. Sensitivity to 16000 DPI

The mouse, which can be increased up to , has wired and wireless options. You can reach the Amazon page of the product here.

Asus ROG Spatha for those looking for extravagant design and quality

If you dream of playing games with Kylo Ren’s helmet, you can achieve it by purchasing the Asus ROG Spatha. Spatha offers a stylish and comfortable gaming experience with its unmistakable and remarkable design. Optimized for mouse’s MMO games 12 programmable macro keys. The rechargeable macro mouse, which works wirelessly, provides a long lifetime thanks to its magnesium alloy case. 3-segment lighting Spatha DPI

If the upper limit is 8200. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

16. 000 DPI. . . HyperX Pulsefire Raid

The Pulsefire Raid, which has a different design in terms of macro key layout, is preferred due to its ergonomic structure. The macro section, designed to increase the grip comfort, consists of keys gathered around the non-slip floor where the thumb will touch. to 16000 DPI

In the mouse with macro adjustable up to 11 keys in total. HyperX NGENUITY

Thanks to the program, you can control these 11 keys and RGB lighting system, and customize the mouse with dozens of options. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

The HP OMEN Reactor, praised for its comfort.

OMEN Reactor increases the grip comfort of the player thanks to the wing on the left. With your thumb on this wing, it becomes much easier to move your hand or press macro keys. Sensitivity setting of the product with 16.8 color options in RGB settings to 16000 DPI. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

Corsair M65 RGB Elite designed for the needs of FPA players

  • Price: 500 Dollars

M65 RGB Elite, which stands out with its design consisting of different layers, including 3 extra macro keys on the side 8 programmable keys. One of the keys on the side, a large red aim indicator mark. The widely used and very basic function of commandools can be assigned to this key for convenience. Precision of the macro mouse to 18000 DPI. M65 RGM Elite, which also has an adjustable weight system, is a product designed mostly for the needs of FPS players. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

Bloody ML160A LK from A4 Tech

Bloody’s ML160A LK model, which is a sub-brand of A4 Tech, numeric pad

Thanks to it has an extraordinary appearance and usage. 17 buttons

The 9 buttons of the mouse with are located in this area. Thanks to the program that Bloody will give you, FPS You can use settings designed for games, as well as create your own settings. 6 different sniper modes, 4 different firing modes and 8200 DPI

The macro mouse Bloody ML160A LK with upper sensitivity limit has everything that FPS players could ask for. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

Domestic production Monster Pusat V8

Game computer company Monster, based in America, later started the production of various accessories. The company, which is highly acclaimed in the macro mouse category, with its Pusat V8 mouse MMO caught the attention of its players. On the side 12 macro keys

of V8 with total number of keys 18. You can use the V8, which has 8 different RGB lighting modes, in any color you want with a color range of 16.8 million. The bottom of the mouse with an ergonomic structure, teflon made very slippery thanks to its structure. If the sensitivity setting to 12000 DPI. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

Glorious Model O with its design that reduces sweating of your hand

The Glorious Model O offers the player a comfortable and fast use thanks to its perforated structure that reduces sweating and its light case. Sensitivity adjustment to 12000 DPI

Model O, up to with 16.8 colors has an adjustable RGB lighting system. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

GamePower Devour S with ergonomic add-ons

  • Price: 300 Dollars

The feature that makes this mouse interesting, 4 wing attachments

Thanks to you can adjust the grip feel to your own. These additional parts can be installed and removed very easily. 8 programmable keys

Sensitivity of Devour S with to 10000 DPI. Customizable RGB lighting works in the color you want on the grille-like part at the rear, the side lines and the wheel. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

Affordable prices Lenovo Legion M200

Legion M200, which will be a suitable choice for those who do not want too many macro keys and who are looking for a simple and simple use, also has a low price. The lines surrounding the mouse take shape according to your wishes with RGB lighting options. Over 5 keys

Legion M200 with 2400 DPI sensitivity exceeds the upper limit. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

Cheapest macro mouse on the list: Philips Momentum SPK9525

Being the lowest price member of the list, SPK 9525 is a very good option in terms of price performance balance. “I play and go out for 1 hour a week”

If you are one of those who say or you are looking for a spare mouse, this product will meet your needs more. The mouse has RGB lights running through its case, and the DPI setting is limited to 2400. The total number of keys on it is 10. You can access the product’s Gittigidiyor page here.

We have come to the end of our article where we examined macro mice. We tried to include products of different brands, functions and prices as much as possible. Let’s not forget that: If you have a plan to buy a macro gaming mouse, Be aware that most of the products on the list are on sale on various sites.. So, is there a macro mouse that you think should be on the list? Or have you ever used one of the mice on the list? Do not forget to share your opinions and experiences with us in the comments section.

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