Sometimes you need to sit back and breathe in the big picture. A living and breathing world in a digital space! So put this world in a mobile phone and it fits easily in the palm of your hand or in your pocket.

Open world games are now circulating on all gaming platforms. How suitable a platform is for gaming is sometimes even measured by how fun open world games are. In this regard, mobile phones are a full-fledged gaming platform. To save you the trouble of choosing which of these games best represents the open world genre on mobile, we’ve compiled a list for you.

15) Frostborn (Survival-RPG)

If you prefer a bit of Scandinavian or Viking flavor to your open world games, Frostborn is for you. It contains many complex open world systems and mechanics and is a mix of many genres such as RPG and survival with many multiplayer elements.

In Frostborn, you base your role as a Viking hero who must gather his friends to rebuild their once-great Viking nation after Midgard falls into the hands of the dead. To do this, you will also need to use the power of the gods when joining your settlements.

14) MadOut2 BigCityOnline (Action-Adventure-Crime)

Don’t be fooled by the strange name of the game. MadOut2 BigCity Online is a decent, competent GTA knockoff, especially if you don’t like the price tag of old GTA games for handheld devices. It is free and has a large territory of approximately 10 square kilometers to explore.

It’s also a crime drama similar to other GTA gimmicks on Android or iOS, but with the added bonus of having online multiplayer for up to 100 players. This way you can recreate batdollarse royale games.

13) Off The Road (Exploration-Drive Simulation)

If you find GTA knockoff cities a little too hectic or noisy, you might want to drive a monstrous 4×4 through the countryside or sail a yacht across wide-open 3D rendered seas. Off the Road gives you the digital vacation you need but can’t get.

Off the Road is a realized 3D open world game that’s all about vehicles rather than humans. Most in-game locations are rural landscapes. You can discover them all in trucks, cars, tractors and of course boats.

12) Second Galaxy (Space Simulation-RPG)

A totally unique and possibly never-before-made game on mobile, Second Galaxy will satisfy your craving for innovation. A space simulator that lets you commandeer your own spacecraft while finding your place in the vast galaxy.

There’s a lot to do in this 3D maneuverable universe where your ship also serves as your characters and you move forward. You can do quests for galactic factions, hunt pirates or just bask in the splendor of the open field.

11) Six-Guns: Gang Showdown (Action-Adventure-Crime)

Ever wanted to try a game like Red Dead Redemption on mobile? Six-Guns: Gang Showdown offers the closest experience to that. Practically GTA mobile, but located on the Western border of the United Statesdollar series.

So you’ll be a cowboy or a gunslinger under the breezy sun of the Western desert. Ride your horse or look for some vagrants feeling lucky. The game has its own story and is free to play.

10) Minecraft (Co-Op Survival)

No matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of this game. Minecraft is the best game built on both creativity and freedom. Not many games achieve the same level of modularity and customization that Minecraft easily provides.

It’s not free though, and that’s okay, PC and console counterparts aren’t that generous on price anyway. Regardless, this offers pretty much the same experience as on larger and more powerful platforms complete with multiplayer.

9) Goat Simulator (Daily Life-Simulation)

Some games tend to forget that the best they can give their players is some sneaky, destructive, stupid pastime. Goat Simulator was released as a seemingly dysfunctional game where you play as a stubborn goat in a small town.

Now, the same goat terrorizes the small screen of your Android or iOS phone. The graphics are not that demanding, they are already designed to fit easily on mobile hardware. It’s a good game to relieve some stress.

8) Stardew Valley (Farming-RPG)

Speaking of de-stressing, doing it with more sophistication and less nihilism is always present in the popular farming game Stardew Valley. The game is very successful on PC and console.

On mobile, the same features are at your fingertips. The graphics are the same and players can see the game as their dream retirement in some remote farmland filled with hot single country clichés like something straight out of a romance anime.

7) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Action-Adventure-Crime)

When it comes to open world games, the father who popularized it cannot be without a look at the series. Of all the existing Grand Theft Auto games and those that have moved to mobile, San Andreas remains the most memorable and feature-rich.

It may be getting old fast on the graphics front, but the story, gameplay, and attractions it brings to the table will keep you busy for weeks or even months. It’s a great feeling to have Los Santos at your fingertips.

6) Gangstar Vegas (Action-Adventure-Crime)

You may also want to check out some Grand Theft Auto variants that perform better visually. Gangstar Vegas is an open world game that borrows a lot from the GTA series.

The difference is that this is a mobile-only game, making it feel less cumbersome and more forgiving for casual gamers, especially considering that infamous train mission from San Andreas. Gangstar Vegas follows the same gameplay and story structure where you control a thriving criminal as he rises from rags to riches.

5) Crashlands (Co-Op Survival-RPG)

Crashlands may look cute and follow the same visual style as Stardew Valley, but don’t get too confused, this open world game is a battle for survival. You start the game as a galactic truck driver stranded on an alien planet.

After that, you are completely on your own as you try to roam the planet in search of any material that can assist you on your journey. Don’t expect locals to be warm, they mostly see you as free food.

4) Sky: Children Of Light (Daily Life-Exploration)

Are survival games too stressful? Then why not try something calmer and calmer? It’s an award-winning stand-alone game, but the point is to find random people to play with in the game world.

3) ARK: Survival Evolved (Co-Op/PVP-Survival)

For some people, what makes the games so exciting is the thrill of beating others and becoming the king of the hill. This describes ARK: Survival Evolved and can be proven to be one of the most dominant games on PC and consoles. It allows players to run wild on a chaotic island full of ozoos to see who is the best.

No one would have thought it would have a mobile version, but ARK has been ported to Android and iOS. The graphics have dropped a bit as expected, but the gameplay of the original game is well-represented for survival enthusiasts to enjoy.

2) Oceanhorn (RPG)

Legend of Zelda games have always been a solid framework for any developer looking to make a good traditional adventure game. The makers of Oceanhorn went beyond that. It surpassed the classic Zelda games in both gameplay and graphics.

Oceanhorn stands out on its own, with a powerful story and unforgettable music by a Japanese composer. In addition to exploring the seas and islands, players can also engage in calming activities such as fishing.

1) Genshin Impact (RPG)

Speaking of games that came after The Legend of Zelda, Genshin Impact is by far the most successful at the moment. Breath of the Wild takes everything that makes it a unique RPG and stands out for itself.

After a strange god banishes them, he throws the player character into the world of Teyvat. Here’s an open world co-op RPG game that forces people to spend hundreds of dollars to get the best characters they can find.

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