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IoT-focused processors offer higher performance to retail, manufacturing, healthcare and digital security customers.

Today at CES 2022, Intel launched 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors (codenamed Alder Lake S-series and H-series), the first processor family developed to deliver a performance hybrid architecture combining Performance cores and Efficient cores with Intel® Thread Director. . Developed to accelerate Internet of Things (IoT) application innovation, these new processors; It offers higher core counts and advanced graphics/media/display and AI capabilities to retail, manufacturing, healthcare and digital security customers across a wide price, performance and power range.

John Healy, vice president of Intel’s Internet of Things Group and general manager of Platform Management and Customer Enablement, said:

“12. Generating Intel Core processors empower our customers to take the biggest step ever towards creating a software-defined world at the edge, enabling a wide variety of customers to deliver rich visual experiences to running mixed-critical workloads on a single edge platform. ”

12th Gen Intel Core processor family; With the combination of Intel’s new performance hybrid architecture and Intel 7 processing technology, it offers key features that set it apart from other existing solutions for retail, production and video. These features include:

  • High computing performance and flexibility for heavier IoT workloads.
  • Faster AI and deep learning capabilities without additional hardware.
  • Embedded use-case reliability.
  • Advanced integrated graphics processing units to support 4K and 8K displays.
  • Hardware-based security to defend vulnerable IoT devices from attacks.
  • A strong ecosystem and open source communities to support multiple operating systems so that IoT customers can choose the operating system appropriate for their targeted applications.

12th Gen Intel Core desktop processors for IoT; Up to 1.36x faster in single-threaded performance, up to 1.35x faster in multi-threaded performance, up to 1.94x faster in graphics performance, and 2 in GPU image classification inference performance compared to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors Up to 81 times faster. 12th Gen Intel® Core desktop processors for IoT include Intel® UHD Graphics 770, managed by the Intel® Xe architecture that supports display virtualization and up to four independent displays. Support for PCIe 5.0/PCIe 4.0 and DDR5/DDR4 combined with security and manageability features, and AI enablement help increase productivity and drive future innovation in IoT applications. IoT SKUs offer up to 16 cores and 24 threads at 35W to 65W TDP, real-time capabilities, long lifespan, and long-term software support.

These processors provide a variety of benefits across many industries:

  • Retail, banking, hospitality and education customers will be able to improve workload convergence, extract value from seamless point-of-sales and kiosks to enhance interactive viewing experiences.
  • Industrial production customers can better take advantage of industrial PCs, edge servers, advanced controllers, machine vision systems and virtualized control platforms.
  • Healthcare customers will be able to offer advanced ultrasound imaging, medical cars, endoscopy and clinical devices at the edge.
  • Digital safety and security customers will get more results from AI box analytics, network video recorders and video walls.

12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors for IoT; It is expected to be up to 1.04x faster in single-threaded performance, up to 1.18x faster in multi-threaded performance, and up to 2.29x faster in graphics performance compared to 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. These SKUs offer up to 14 cores and 20 threads at a TDP of 35W to 45W. In addition, Intel is announcing the U-series and P-series of 12th Gen Intel Core processors with a TDP of 15W to 28W. Four display channels enable complete video wall deployments with rich, immersive Intel® Iris® X graphics combined with AI enablement for inference and machine vision scenarios.

12. Generation Intel Core H-Series Processors

Model kernel Performance Core Efficiency Core L3 Cache Max Turbo Frequency Base Power Consumption
i9-12900HK 14 20 6 8 24 MB 5. 0GHz 45W
i9-12900H 14 20 6 8 24 MB 5. 0GHz 45W
i7-12800H 14 20 6 8 24 MB 4. 8GHz 45W
i7-12700H 14 20 6 8 24 MB 4. 7GHz 45W
i7-12650H 10 16 6 4 24 MB 4. 7GHz 45W
i5-12600H 12 16 4 8 18 MB 4. 5GHz 45W
i5-12500H 12 16 4 8 18 MB 4. 5GHz 45W
i5-12450H 8 12 4 4 12MB 4. 4GHz 45W

These processors provide a wide variety of benefits across many industries, including:

  • Retail, banking, hospitality and education customers will enrich experiences with four screen channels for video walls that will improve workload consolidation, and AI interactive whiteboards and kiosks to deliver analytics.
  • Industrial production customers will be able to better leverage machine image processing for part inspection combined with human-machine interface panels and industrial PCs.
  • Healthcare customers devices; It will perform advanced medical imaging such as artificial intelligence/analytical ultrasounds that will provide assistance in the fields of diagnosis, telemedicine and robotics.
  • Digital safety and security customers will use image processing in edge deployments and AI-enabled video recorders and leverage this technology for a variety of applications such as smart buildings, smart factories and smart cities.

Intel’s 12th Gen Core processors already have more than 80 IoT customers participating in Intel’s Early Access Program. The Alder Lake S series is expected to be released in January 2022, and the Alder Lake H series in April 2022.

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