Intel’s Alder Lake desktop CPUs launch in November with new hybrid technology, updated socket structure, DDR5/PCIe 5.0 support, and brand new manufacturing technology. According to the latest leaks, the stock cooler is completely changing with the 12th generation processors and new coolers are coming under the name of the Laminar series.

Images of the Laminar series, which offers new thermal solutions for Alder Lake chips with 65W TDP, were leaked by Ayxerious. According to the leaked slide, Intel has prepared at least three new coolers that will be compatible with the Alder Lake series LGA 1700 socket and perform much better than the current stock CPU coolers.

It seems that the coolers that come with the 12th generation are divided into three classes:

  • Entry level RS1 for Pentium and Celeron chips
  • Mainstream RM1 for Core i7/Core i5/Core i3 chips
  • High-end RH1 for Core i9 chips

These coolers will likely come with non-K series Alder Lake desktop processors, and overclockable chips will require a third-party air/liquid cooler. Some of the new coolers also have RGB lighting. It seems that Intel is also following the path of AMD in this regard, and the coolers that have been criticized for years will now be left behind.

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