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In the early days when vaccines were introduced, doctors recommended avoiding the vaccine because they did not know whether the vaccine was harmful to pregnant women. There were claims that COVID-19 vaccines caused abortion in pregnant women and killed the mother. However, in the next processes, together with the safety data obtained, the vaccine is given to pregnant women, children and mothers. doesn’t hurt, on the contrary, it was stated that COVID-19 poses a greater risk.

Provincial Health Director Zülfikar Akelma, in 2021 due to COVID-19 12 pregnant women passed away stated, “These are the situations that hurt us. These mothers, young mothers. All of them are unvaccinated groups. Mudollarska pregnant women should be vaccinated. There is no harm to the baby if pregnant women are vaccinated,” he said.

“Pregnant citizens who lost their lives were unvaccinated”

on the vaccination Above America’s average, Akelma said that vaccination studies continue intensively in places such as hospitals and family health centers, organized industrial zones, squares where citizens are concentrated, Esenboğa Airport, AŞTİ and High Speed ​​​​Train Station.

Stating that all pregnant citizens who died due to COVID-19 were unvaccinated, Akelma said, “In 2021, 12 pregnant women, that is, those who were pregnant or within 42 days of birth, died due to COVID-19 infection. All 12 people who were pregnant and died due to Covid-19 from the unvaccinated is formed”.

“The vaccine is not harmful to the baby”

Assoc. Dr. Ahmet Zülfikar Akelma stated that they do not want to face a serious picture and said, “All pregnant women should be vaccinated with mudollarska. There is no obstacle to the vaccination of pregnant women. We have enough. scientific data exists. Let them end the series of hesitations about the vaccine as soon as possible and decide. We are waiting for them to be vaccinated,” he said.

Responding to the fact that mothers did not vaccinate with the fear that “it may harm the baby”, Akelma said, “It is necessary for pregnant women to be vaccinated. to your baby does not cause any harm. On the contrary, in pregnant women, antibodies that emerge when they are vaccinated may even be protective for the baby by passing through the placenta in some of them. So it will be useful.”

”The number of young people in intensive care has started to increase”

Reminding the importance of precautions and getting vaccinated, Akelma said, “Nearly 90 percent of the patients hospitalized in intensive care and services are groups that are somehow not fully vaccinated. the weight of young people has increased.” Akelma also spoke about the occupancy rate of hospitals due to COVID-19 in . We reduce or increase them as needed. Currently, the occupancy rate is 60 percent there. In general, our occupancy rate in our intensive care units is 70 percent. We look at the needs while allocating our intensive care units to COVID-19. ” said.

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