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Breaking Bad, a drama series designed by Vince Gilligan and launched on the AMC channel, began airing on January 20, 2008. In 2013, of all time highest rated series

In the leading role of the series that entered the Guinness World Records with the title of ; 4 times winner of the Emmy Best Actor Award Bryan Cranston.

Breaking Bad; In the south of the USA, in spoken language “to wreak havoc”

It is an idiom meaning and was specially chosen by Vince Gilligan to symbolize the transformation of Walter’s character. Let’s take a closer look at some information you probably haven’t heard before about Breaking Bad, which tells the exemplary story of Walter White, an American chemistry teacher, and Jesse Pinkman, a former student of his.

surprising information about the TV series Breaking Bad:

  • The formula C10 H15 N, which appears in the credits of the series, was deliberately shown to the audience.
  • The meth used in the array is not the actual meth.
  • Walter’s lottery coupon contains some numerical secrets.
  • The name of the final episode, Felina, has a special meaning.
  • The character Jesse Pinkman was scheduled to die at the end of the first season.
  • There are references to future chapters with some chapter names.
  • In the Felina section, a connection has been established between the New Hampshire motto and the series.
  • The scene where Walter White throws pizza on the roof was shot in one shot.
  • SaveWalterWhite. There really is a site called com.
  • Of course, it made sense that the series consisted of 62 episodes in total.
  • Bryan Cranston has a Breaking Bad tattoo on his ring finger.

Chemistry formula appearing in the generic

Appears in the credits of the series C10 H15 N formula, methamphetamine formula, 149. 24 is also the molecular weight. Considering that the audience was intertwined with chemistry for 5 seasons, such a fine generic would of course be expected.

Information was obtained from narcotics to keep the drugs in the series realistic:

The blue meth in the series is actually blue rock sugar. Also, let’s add it as additional information; To make these meth, help was taken from the narcotic branch on how to make the real meth.

Walter’s lotto coupon

If you remember, Walter “Heisenberg” White had decided to bury the money he made from his enormous nationwide sales in the desert of New Mexico. In order not to forget the place where he was buried, he played the lottery of the place’s choradollars. But actually on Walter’s coupon + 34 ° 59 ′ 20. 00 ″, -106 ° 36 ′ 52 ″ cooradollars where the yellow Breaking Bad and some Hollywood movies such as The Avengers were shot of Albuquerque Studios coordollar is yellow.

Final section: FeLiNa

The title of the final episode Felina, representing blood in the periodic table (FE) representing iron, meth (Lİ) lithium, representing tears (NA) shows sodium. also “Finale”

It is an anagram of the word .

New Hampshire state motto in the Felina department

Felina section New Hampshire state motto has been linked to the characters. A close-up of the New Hampshire license plate was taken in one scene. The motto of the state of New Hampshire Live Free or Die. This refers to the end of the chapter. One of the main characters dies and the other is liberated.

Jesse Pinkman’s life could have been short

Portrayed by Aaron Paul Jesse Pinkman character death in the first season was planned, then they gave up the idea and became the only character to appear in all episodes of the series except Walt, the character we all love, Jesse. In addition, Aaron Paul, who played the character Jesse, who is enthroned in all of our hearts, no acting lesson did not.

Section names with reference: Seven Thirty-Seven / Down / Over / ABQ

The openings of the first, fourth, tenth and thirteenth episodes in Season 2 were shot in black and white. When we put the names of these sections together Seven Thirty-Seven / Down / Over / ABQ appears. This is a reference to the plane crash that occurred at the end of the season.

Walter White’s unforgettable pizza scene

Bryan Cranston had both the pizza he should have thrown on the roof of his house. in one go, as well as cinematographer’s exactly as requested (material part above) seated. Consequently, this scene is with great astonishment and in one shot just finished.

62: Not just the total number of episodes of the series

As you know, Breaking Bad takes 62 episodes in total. 62nd element in the Periodic Table Samarium. If samarium cancer is used to treat patients.

The website opened by Walter’s son in the series is still live: savewalterwhite. com

Father Walter “Heisenberg” White in the drama Fundraising for cancer treatment for the purpose of Walter Jr. You can reach the site opened by here. In addition, until a while ago, within the site “Donate” so when you click the donate button to the real cancer patients association donations could be made. However, it now connects to the site of AMC, the channel where the series is broadcast.

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