Sound editing program developed by Apple Garageband, Although it is ideal for Mac computers and iPads and iPhones with iOS operating system, it is a service that is also available in a Windows PC version. You can create your own music via Garageband, you can edit audio files, make your own podcasdollar series or even your songs even if you haven’t used such a program before.

Garageband,has a simple interface that can be easily understood even for amateur sound editors. Of course, like every program, it also offers advanced features that only the masters will master. Whether you’re a master or an amateur, our list Garageband hacks

Thanks to , you will make your edits much faster and you will have fully realized the fiction of your dreams.

Garageband tips:

  • Remote control of Garageband program e.
  • Use tips.
  • Save your projects to iCloud.
  • Get multiple records at once.
  • Use the digital MIDI keyboard.
  • Make sure the volume is correct.
  • Create your own loop.
  • Create your own templates.
  • Control instrument tuning via Garageband e.
  • Name each part uniquely.
  • Use noise canceling.

Control Garageband program remotely:

It is possible to remotely control the Garageband program you use on your Apple Mac computer with your iOS devices. Download the Logic Remote mobile app on your iOS device from the App Store and connect with your computer. make sure you are connected to the same network.You can then navigate through projects, make edits, create new recordings or even record instruments through this app.

Use tips:

To give an important tip, especially to users who have just started using Garageband, it is Garageband Quick Help feature.When you open the Garageband program, you will see a question mark button in the upper left corner of the transport bar. When you click this button, the Quick Help screen will appear. When you follow the directions on this screen, you will see small but important tips to improve your work.

Save your projects to iCloud:

Now it’s not safe to leave a work done on Garageband alone while storing even a single memory photo in cloud storages. You are working through the File / iCloud option of the program. You can save projects to iCloud storage.However, this recording is one-sided, not visible on iOS devices. This is because the Mac version of Garageband has so many features that it cannot be imagined to be used on iOS devices.

Get multiple records at once:

Garageband is not only an audio editing program, but also a digital studio where even a band can record. To import multiple audio recordings simultaneously you need a multi audio interface.After connecting all instruments and microphone to your computer via this interface, confirm all entries from the Recording panel by naming them. After activating the changes, all you have to do is press the save button.

Use the digital MIDI keyboard:

If you are using the Garageband program, you will not need a MIDI keyboard that regulates the data flow between the audio units and the computer, because Garageband has its own digital MIDI keyboard. The control of the digital MIDI keyboard, which you can open with the Cmd + K key combination, is completely in your hands. You can add as many keys as you want to the keyboard and assign different functions to each of the keys.

Make sure the volume is correct:

Another feature that will be a life saver for those who are novice in sound editing via Garageband is automatic sound normalization. All audio files you hear on digital music platforms has a certain volume. If you do not know the subject, it may be difficult to catch this level. Therefore, before saving your project, you can make sure that your audio files have achieved a certain volume by following the Preferences / Advanced / Auto Normalize steps.

Create your own loop:

Audio loops, also called loops, are one of the highlights of Garageband. Because this is created by Apple Most of the loops are specific to this program only. But you don’t have to use these loops. After creating a track that you are sure will be a good loop, save the track by following the File / Add Region to Loop Library steps. You can now use this saved loop whenever you want.

Create your own templates:

If you have started making sound editing and creating similar works frequently through the Garageband program. with a template that you have prepared for yourself.starting a project can sometimes save you saadollarser. Set the edits you always use and save it as a file in the templates. When you are going to create a new project, open this file and start making the edits you want on your ready template.

Check instrument tuning via Garageband:

Another feature that proves Garageband is great for amateurs is instrument tuning control. If you are new to playing an instrument you may not be sure about the tuning.After connecting an instrument to your computer, click the control button on the transport bar. The receiver of the program will examine the audio signals and pitch range to show if the instrument has been tuned correctly.

Name each part custom:

If you’re editing with a few basic audio files and effects, you won’t need to use this tip. However, sometimes things can get messy and you may have to edit when there are dozens of audio tracks in front of you. As it would be difficult to check these parts with default namesyou should rename each piece by right clicking on it. Thus, you can make your arrangements by being sure which part will be used where.

Use noise canceling:

Unless you’re recording in a fully sound-isolated private room, the bottom sounds can be really annoying at times. Garageband about it offers a simple but effective method.Open the control panel in the transport bar and from there the Dynamics option. When you confirm the Noise Gate option, the program will automatically eliminate the bottom sounds and focus only on the main sound. It is not recommended to be used on all recordings, but it is a very useful feature when you cannot eliminate the bottom sound.

Sound editing program that you can use with Mac, iOS and PC versions We talked about some tips you need to know about Garageband.If you have been using this program for a long time, these tips may seem a little simple, but new users can quickly become a master in this foreign program by considering the tips we have explained.

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