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Let’s face it, our lives have been turned upside down with the pandemic. We were working at work, having fun in the venues, doing sports in the halls, shopping in the malls. With the pandemic we started doing all of these at home and we saw that life can actually fit into a house that is used efficiently. However, the biggest problem was that white-collar workers, who were used to working in large plazas, switched to a work-from-home system.

Advice for working from home is gaining importance at this point. Because although many freelancers are used to the work from home system, employees who have just recently had to switch to this system may feel like they are in the middle of a nightmare. Since the work from home system, also called mobility, will become more and more widespread, it is on our list. work from home tips

With , you keep up not only with the present but also with the future.

Advice to work from home to make your life more productive:

  • Prepare a comfortable working environment.
  • Set regular work saadollarseries.
  • Set regular break times.
  • Prepare a daily plan for your kennel.
  • Create a custom routine with work-from-home advice.
  • Keep distance between you and social media.
  • Keep distance between you and your family.
  • Stay in touch with your colleagues.
  • Master your work equipment.
  • Don’t forget to exercise and eat healthy.

Prepare a comfortable working environment:

You probably did not create a private workspace in your home in the first months of the pandemic, as it would be temporary anyway. On the kitchen table, in the living room, even working by the ironing boardyou can’t be efficient. Set an area for yourself. Place a table, chair and other necessary equipment there. This field is permanent. Thus, your brain will get used to the idea that you will step into the business world when you move to that area, and it will ensure that you are ready for a much more productive working saadollar series.

Determine regular work saadollarseries:

Many bosses set strict rules about this for some reason, but most of the people who work from home can work on their own. This area of ​​freedom, which seems great, will over time make the worker unproductive. Ok, every day like going to work you don’t have to get up at 6am but, however, without exaggeration, you should get up early, determine what time you will work and be sure at what time you will take a break. Thanks to this arrangement, you can achieve a much more disciplined work performance.

Set regular break times:

Regular working hours are as important as regular breaks for an efficient working system. Because if you extend your break at work, the boss creates problems, while in the home working system, if you extend your break time, no one will be aware of it, but your productivity will decrease. If you are having trouble scheduling a breakopen a TV show episode, take care of your needs meanwhile, and get back to work as soon as the episode is over. It will be a simple but effective method.

Prepare a daily plan for your cat:

Daily planning is always a more efficient system. Like I’m going to work this hard daily, finish these things, drop those emails, or meet with these people. daily plans both weekly and monthly working system will allow you to install it in a much healthier way. At this point, you need to be careful not to do injustice to yourself. Even if it seems easy to work from home, if you try to force yourself, you will see that you are mentally exhausted that day.

Create a custom routine with work-from-home advice:

Advice for working from home

The purpose of our list is not to go in one ear and out the other. In line with these recommendations, you should create your own custom routine. What will you do first when you wake up in the morning, will you work in sweatpants or wear more stylish clothes, when will you make coffee, will you go out to eat or prepare something at home?This and all similar small details are important factors that make up the working from home system. Don’t do experimental work, create a good routine. Our mind loves habits.

Keep distance from social media:

Perhaps the most distracting issue for employees while working from home is social media. In a normal workplace, if someone sees you while browsing Instagram with a smartphone in your hand, you will receive a warning in the simplest way. But there is no such limit at home. You are not used to such an environment of freedom things can get out of hand. For this reason, it is useful to put the phone a little further away while working if you can. You can use it whenever you want, but first finish this job.

Keep distance between you and your family:

Do not leave your family and settle in a mountain hut, of course, but let your mother, father, sibling, spouse, children and even your pet know that you are actually at work, even if you are at home as a body in the work saadollar series you have determined. So No one should come and ask you to empty the dishwasher or hang curtains. It will be a little difficult to explain this subject especially to your children, but if you do not set a clear line for saadollarser in your working order, your work from home system will be destroyed.

Stay in touch with your colleagues:

If you want work-from-home advice, you can listen to your home-based co-workers because they have the same challenges as you. When you distract yourself from things and people in the house that might distract you, turn to your co-workers. Keeping in touch with themto your brain ‘I am currently working. ‘ will send the message. It is extremely important to ensure this communication, especially in projects carried out as a team.

Master your work equipment:

If you are working from home, now that area you are the IT specialist, security and cleaner

It means . In other words, you should have a good grasp of your computer, accessories, printer, Wi-Fi modem, electrical system, coffee machine and all the other equipment that you can’t think of, and you should be able to repair these devices when a problem occurs. These skills can come in handy when you want to open an office for yourself in the future.

Don’t forget to exercise and eat healthy:

We’ve saved perhaps the most important item on the list of work-from-home advice for last, health. Those who work from home are fat, it’s destiny. You will gain weight and become unhealthy as your daily activity decreases and your snacking rate increases. Don’t let this happen.Add an exercise hour between your break times. Instead of Pakedollarsi snacks, try to make healthy meals while you are at home. It will be difficult, but you have to be extremely careful to protect your health.

Employees who turn their home into an office need to pay attention to have a much more productive time. we have prepared a list of recommendations for working from home.You can share your thoughts on the home working system, which is thought to be passed by many employees in the near future, in the comments.

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