Voice changer We encounter the concept of program mostly on platforms such as Twitch and Discord, where more than one person is spoken or chatted. The purpose of people using such programs is to try to remain more anonymous. However with a successful voice changer programyou can do much more than remain anonymous and make your voice heard as if it belongs to a completely different person.

Voice changerthe number of programs and mobile applications is increasing day by day. Among them, there is also Hizmetdollarser, which works with a subscription system as well as free of charge. At this point, the choice is up to the user. If the free service is sufficient, it is not recommended to pay high amounts for such a program. Bride to some voice changer programs that will turn you into a completely different person. Let’s take a closer look.

Voice changer programs that will make people ask who spoke:

  • Voice Changer
  • Clownfish
  • SuperVoice Changer
  • VoiceMod
  • AV Voice Changer Software Diamond
  • VoiceMeeter
  • Discord Voice Changer
  • MorphVOX
  • Voice Changer with Effects
  • Voxal Voice Changer

Simple and easy to use: Voice Changer

Voice Changer is a simple but easy to use voice changer program. When you open the website, you will see three options; upload audio file, use microphone and convert text to audio.After choosing one of these three options, it’s time to choose what the sound will turn into. From the voice of popular characters to the voice of a baby, you will see many different voice changing options.

The ideal voice changer for live broadcasts: Clownfish

Clownfish, especially on platforms like Skype, Steam and Discord with its instant successful performance attracts attention. Clownfish, which works in harmony with all operating systems, does not cause any problems because it works in the background without tiring your processor. Besides the live voice changer feature, it can also convert text to voice. The options you want to change your voice are also extremely rich.

Successful in sound editing: SuperVoice Changer

SuperVoice Changer is an Android mobile application. Doesn’t just work as a voice changer, is also a sound editing application. You can record audio through the application; You can cut and edit audio files and make instant audio changes during live broadcasts. After opening the application, it is enough to choose the one that suits you best from the voice change options and confirm it.

For those who don’t want to change their voice completely: VoiceMod

How about making your voice a lot cooler instead of completely changing it? That’s exactly what VoiceMod offers. Sure, like all the programs on our list also has dozens of different voice changing options, but its highlight is to let you play on your existing sound. E.g; If you are a person with a thin voice, you can get a much cooler, baritone sound quality by making your voice a little thicker with VoiceMod.

For those who don’t mind spending money: AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

First of all, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond program really appeals to professionals because selling price is about 100 dollars. It is possible to get ideas by using the free trial version of the AV Voice Changer Software Diamond program, with which you can record, edit, create a special sound effects series and change your voice instantly in live broadcasts.

A free service for true professionals: VoiceMeeter

Although VoiceMeeter is a free program, we can say that it appeals to real professionals with its powerful system. Changed by different programs when it is understood that the sound has been played onVoiceMeeter is a burgundy beret in this regard. After easy and fast installation, you can process all audio file formats such as MME, DX, KS, WDM, ASIO and change the voice instantly in live broadcasts.

For those who want to have some fun: Discord Voice Changer

Discord Voice Changer is also an Android mobile application, but since it is not available on the Google Play Store, you have to download it as an APK and install it on your device. Describing itself as an entertainment app With Discord Voice Changer, you can instantly change your voice, edit audio files and record new files with different sounds in live broadcasts by using the endless sound effects.

Successful performance in online games: MorphVOX

If you want to use the MorphVOX program in a much more professional way, where you can use the basic services for free, you can choose a free subscription if you want to benefit from different services. With MorphVOX, you can instantly change your voice not only during live broadcasts, but also during online games. It works so well in the backgroundsometimes you may even forget that the program is open. The program is also very easy to use, thanks to its shortcuts.

You can make the files you create ringtones: Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects is also an Android mobile app. The biggest advantage of being a mobile application is, can use the sound files you create as ringtone, alarm sound or message sound.. With the Voice Changer with Effects application, you can edit audio files, convert text to voice and easily share all your work on social media platforms.

One setting for each platform: Voxal Voice Changer

When using some voice changer programs, you may need to make a special arrangement according to the program you are using. If Voxal Voice Changer the sound change you made with a single edit makes it suitable for all platforms. By choosing one of the hundreds of sound effects offered by the program, you can edit the sound file and change the sound instantly in live broadcasts, as well as create a special sound effect if you wish.

Turning the voice of the users into a different person listing voice changer programs and mobile applications we briefly talked about its prominent features. You can share your thoughts on the ethical aspect of voice changer programs in the comments.

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