Undoubtedly, the most used internet browsers these days are Google Chrome and Safari. There are those who use these two internet browsers out of habit or because they like their features, as well as those who prefer to use alternative browsers. If it is the first choice of those looking for an alternative internet browser Opera is happening. Opera is the most striking alternative among alternatives. and is an internet browser that offers different features.

Alright, why people use Opera as first alternative have you ever thought about it? Even people who have been using this internet browser for a long time may not be able to answer this question because some of the features it offers are almost unknown. The most remarkable alternative to popular internet browsers. Opera Let’s take a closer look at the tips that will make you have a much more enjoyable experience while using it.

Tips for Opera users to know:

  • Easily access your Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram messages.
  • Share across devices.
  • Customize your Opera landing page.
  • Increase your online privacy.
  • Use the smart text selection feature.
  • Take screenshots from Opera and edit them.
  • Use Opera VPN service.
  • Enable battery saver mode.
  • Continue your browsing habits here too.
  • Find exactly what you’re looking for, even among dozens of tabs.

Easily access your Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram messages:

To use Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram in a normal browser, they must each be open in a separate tab. However, in the Opera web browser where there is an icon for each of these three platformsyou will see the side toolbar. You can see notifications from all these platforms and reply to incoming messages via these icons. All you have to do is click on these icons and sign in with your account information.

Share across devices:

If you use the Opera mobile internet browser not only on your computer, but also on your mobile devices with iOS or Android operating systems. You can view the websites you browse with the My Flow feature. you can easily transfer to these devices and continue your browsing. For this, all you need to do is to pair your Opera mobile internet browser with the Opera internet browser on your computer once with a QR code. Once you have done this, you can share whenever you want.

Customize your Opera landing page:

If you wish, Opera can be opened with a special page for you instead of a classic start page. Settings on page Browser

When you open the tab, you will see Start Page edits will be released. By adjusting these arrangements as you wish, you can use the Opera internet browser. of everything that appears on the start page you can make it exactly as you want.

With Start Page edits, you can hide the search box, hide the quick access, can select the start page news source,you can edit the quick access animations and change the weather indicator. It is also possible to create a custom Opera theme by editing the user interface on the same page.

Increase your online privacy:

Unfortunately, no matter what you do, there is never complete privacy on the internet. Even the simplest website tracks visiting browsers to collect statistics.If you don’t want to be tracked, use the Opera web browser. Settings, Advanced, Privacy & Security

Open page. Privacy Protection

Activate the Block Followers option under the heading . Thus, you prevent websites from tracking your browser to some extent.

Use the smart text selection feature:

When you select a word or phrase while using a normal internet browser, you are simply selecting it. In the Opera web browser when you select a text, you will see automatic trading options. Search, Copy and Post to My Flow, even if it consists of three basic options, it is still a practical helper that will speed up some work.

Take screenshots from Opera and edit them:

The Opera web browser has a tick-based screenshot taking and editing service. When you click the camera button at the end of the address bar enable the screenshot feature you bring. Confirm the action after setting the frame you want to take the screenshot. You can make different edits on the image you have taken before saving it.

Use Opera VPN service:

Different Chrome extensions or if you don’t want to use third party softwareOpera internet browser comes to your aid. Thanks to Opera’s built-in VPN service, you don’t need to use any additional software. Settings via page Advanced, Features

Open page. VPN under Enable VPN

When you activate the option, you start to connect to the internet with VPN.

Enable battery saver mode:

If your device’s battery is draining fast even though you’re only using the Opera web browser Settings via page Advanced, Features

Open page. Enable Battery Saver

Activate the option. When you enable this option your battery consumption rate will decrease by 50%.However, there will be no glitches in your internet experience. If you wish, you can also instruct this feature to be activated automatically.

Continue your browsing habits here too:

The biggest reason we use the popular internet browsers we mentioned earlier is our habits. It is the record bookmarks and settings that provide these habits. If you are going to use Opera internet browser for the first time you can bring these habits with you. Settings on page Basic via option eidollarse

Find the title .


under Bookmarks Import and Settings Click on the text. Select the internet browser you want to transfer your data to Opera and Select the data you want to transfer. Get

When you click the button, the transfer process will start. After a period of time, which varies according to the data density, all your data will be transferred to the Opera internet browser when the transfer is completed.

Find exactly what you’re looking for, even among dozens of tabs:

If you are in a difficult research process, maybe you can open ten tabs in a row and get lost among these tabs. Instead of searching for what and where Ctrl + Space

Press . In the search bar that appears, type a word about the tab you are looking for and search. The result will appear quickly. If you wish, even if you have opened a hundred tabs, you can easily find what you are looking for with this search method.

The most notable alternative to popular internet browsers It will make your work easier when using operawe talked about tips and shared some tips. You can share which internet browser you use and your thoughts about Opera in the comments.

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