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If you like playing mobile games and are a true football fan, you must have heard of Dream League Soccer mobile game mudollaras. The mobile football game, known for its 2016 version, has also updated itself for 2021. with Dream League Soccer 2021 If you are going to play the game that brings a new breath to the world of mobile football games for the first time, there are some tips that you should know and that will make you a master.

Dream League Soccer 2021

The most striking aspect of the game is that you don’t just open the game and play a match. You determine your own team, choose your coaches, develop your team and control this team during the matches. Therefore Before starting Dream League Soccer 2021 game It would be useful to have a little knowledge of the subject. We mentioned some important tips for beginners.

Dream League Soccer 2021 tips:

  • Make your first player choices carefully.
  • Go step by step in Career Mode.
  • Get to know your Dream League Soccer players.
  • Remember that you are in control of the match.
  • Make good use of short passes.
  • Rely on Dream League Soccer artificial intelligence.
  • Check player stamina during the match e.
  • Develop your players by hiring new coaches.
  • Release players you don’t need.
  • Use agents to discover new players.

Make your first player choices carefully:

First time Dream League Soccer 2021

If you’re playing , you’ll see a roster of average players and a superstar. Do not rush to improve players, but Don’t forget to choose the right captain as the first step.Make sure you choose the right number and skill of defense, midfield and forward players according to the tactics you will follow during the matches.

Go step by step in Career Mode:

In order to progress and pave the way for new achievements in the Dream League Soccer 2021 mobile game, you should pay attention to the Career Mode, which you need to be in, but you should not rush. even if you lose noting at what point you losemake the necessary changes. Every match you win will generate income for both you and the players. It is possible to increase this income level by watching end-of-match ads.

Get to know your Dream League Soccer players:

All the players you have in your Dream League Soccer 2021 team are featured with certain characteristics and they have a certain energy level.Which one runs fast, which one is suitable for guessing, which one has stronger defensive skills, you have to know them. You should make some changes, even within the match, if necessary, by examining the characteristics of your players and monitoring their energy status.

Remember that you are in control of the in-match:

Dream League Soccer 2021 is not like football games in the sense you know. You are not just a player, manager or coach; you are all of these.This is why you should customize the in-match controls. It is not right to give a tactic before the match and withdraw it. Do not hesitate to bring new players to the field by following the performance of the players and the rhythm of the game instantly.

Make good use of short passes:

Dream League Soccer 2021 is a great mobile game even for amateurs when it comes to in-game controls. during the match a joystick and three buttons will appear. Button A is for shooting, button B is for passing, button C is for controlling the player closest to the ball. Don’t play fast. Especially in the first period of the game, since you do not have very strong players, try to reach the opponent’s field step by step with short passes instead of forward shots and try to score a goal. Be sure, this tactic will be the best for your players.

Rely on Dream League Soccer AI:

The artificial intelligence of the game is the reason why you can control the Dream League Soccer 2021 mobile game with the help of a few simple buttons. When the player presses the C button, the most correct player will really be selected. With the B button you will really send the pass to the right spot. Therefore when the match does not go as you wantdon’t panic. Make sure you hit the right button and put yourself under the control of Dream League Soccer artificial intelligence.

Check player stamina during the match:

One of the most important features that distinguishes Dream League Soccer 2021 from other games is that it is realistic. Just as in a real football team not all players are strong enough to last 90 minutes. , not every player can play the whole match.So during the game tap on the players and see their stamina levels. Do not hesitate to replace the players who are starting to turn from green to red, and one of the substitutes who are not tired yet.

Improve your players by hiring new coaches:

To improve different skills of players in real football teams there are coaches with different specializations. In the Dream League Soccer 2021 mobile game, you can hire trainers to improve your players after making some progress and earning money. You can hire 3 different types of trainers to improve your goalkeeper, defense and forward line. Thus, it is possible to improve the skills of your existing players without transferring new players.

Release players you don’t need:

When you start playing the game, you encounter players who are not very strong in your team. While you may develop some of these over time, Some of them may not be players who can improve easily.Release your players that you did not include in the match squad and that started to age on the bench. You can hire new players or hire new coaches with the income you earn here.

Use agents to discover new players:

In addition to improving your existing players to improve your Dream League Soccer 2021 team you may also need to transfer new players.You can discover players you can include in your team on the live transfer page, or instead you can sign up with agents who will discover new players for you as your income increases. A good rep demands a good amount of money, but it also allows you to discover players who will rank up your team’s strength because they do their job well.

One of the most loved ones in the mobile football game world. Mudollaraka must know for beginners to Dream League Soccer 2021we talked about tips and how you can progress quickly in the game. You can share your thoughts about Dream League Soccer 2021 in the comments.

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