Even though we love the games that offer amazing graphics and an immersive story, the place of old computer games in our hearts is another. Nothing can replace the nostalgia that you feel when you play these classics. We said that we would like to offer you a few of our favorites.

Nowadays, computer games are very advanced in terms of graphics and gameplay experience. However, if we ask most players for their favorite games, they will tell a few of the very old games immediately. We want to bring these games back to those who still don’t play or want to do nostalgia. Here are 10 computer games that you can still play like crazy:

1. StarCraft

The Blizzard announced that the game would be free for everyone when the real-time strategy legend decided to renew StarCraft’s graphics. Blizzard renewed the old aspects of the game by making necessary patches to StarCraft and cleared many bugs.

Inspired by the strategies, themes and features of many modern games, StarCraft is one of the fathers of the real-time strategy genre. That’s why playing StarCraft again is still as enjoyable as the first day.

2. Quake

Quake is one of the best FPS games of all time. We do not hesitate to say this, because the return of id Software to FPS has brought quite a success. Quake is the perfect option for even a game today.

From the Grunt to the horrendous Shambler, from there to the depths of the Shub-Niggurath Pit you are fighting to advance in four worlds filled with all kinds of horrible creatures. All this is enough without counting the great music of Trent Reznor, is it?

3. Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango is an epic adventure game developed by LucasArts. Grim Fandango was a great step for both LucasArts and the adventure games of that time.

Despite this, Grim Fandango faced a fiasco. His sales were so bad that LucasArts abandoned his adventure and turned to other games. However, despite this bad result, Grim Fandango can be considered one of the best games of all time. In 2018, developers from Double Fine Productions released Grim Fandango Remastered. This version comes with high-resolution characters, re-painted scenes, dynamic lighting, and many fine tunes.

4.System Shock 2

1999 was a very important year for the game world. Final Fantasy VIII, Silent Hill, Super Smash Bros, EverQuest, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Unreal Tournament, Gran Turismo 2. This is classic role-playing, fear and survival game, including System Shock 2.

System Shock 2 starts like a classic horror film story: a mysterious distress call from a remote location. You’re being sent here to check it out. We won’t say more. System Shock 2 is a great story, immersive music, and offers a few scenes that will jump you off.

5. Theme Hospital

Bullfrog was one of the masters of management simulation comedy. The theme hospital’s jokes are funny today. You control a hospital by competing with other health centers in the region. There are targets to be dealt with, inspections, emergencies, earthquakes, and disease outbreaks.

6. Baldur’s Gate II

Baldur’s Gate II, RPG is a monument for the classics of the name at the top of one of the games written.

Baldur’s Gate II, which distinguishes it from the others, is a wonderfully intertwined section design. The world of the game is pleasant and pushes you to discover the depths of Amn. Baldur’s Gate II stands out for its character and character.

7. OpenTTD

OpenTTD takes Chris Sawyer’s classic Transport Tycoon Deluxe as its base game and improves it. Special train sets, advanced signs, user-created buildings and stations, complete maintenance for the industry and more are waiting for you.

In the morning because of the game, you start to listen to in the evening, do not feel guilty if you go to bed with your eyes turned to the cup of blood. We’ve all been through those roads.

8. Fallout 2

It was an isometric wonder of Fallout pixels before it became an open world RPG. Fallout 2 makes you do what you want. You can finish the game the way you want.

The depth of Fallout 2 is spectacular. However, if you still haven’t played the game, start playing. Feel free to share with us if you change your mind about continued games.

9. Half-Life

Secondly, hopelessly, the third, Half-Life is desperately defined as the best game by the whole game world. Dr. Gordon Freeman’s story begins in this game. Black Mesa facility in the game

Half-Life is a bit old-fashioned, but the gameplay is still closed. At the time of the release, Half-Life was an amazing experience.

10. Thief

The classic first-person privacy game. When he sees privacy games, he sees the Thief as the point of creation. Although, this is not a point of creation. When we add to each other, and the different ways to survive.

We know, there are more than a few of them. Deus Ex, Ultima 7, The Secret of Monkey Island, Warcraft II and III, Star Wars: TIE Fighter, Myst, Unreal Tournament, Planescape: The Torment … The list goes on like this. So, what are your opinions?

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