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Tens of legends have been shared about Coronavirus, which has taken the world by storm. So were these legends really true? Now we will talk about whether the 10 legends that emerged after the Corona epidemic were real.

The Coronavirus, which originates in Wuhan, China and spreads at a higher rate than expected in a very short time, pushes both ordinary citizens and administrators to great anxiety. Because this virus has cost 427 lives so far, and studies on the virus are still inadequate.


The Coronavirus does not show any effect within 14 days of entering the human body. The virus, which started to show symptoms with dry cough and fever, causes shortness of breath after a while and kills people. The fact that the virus is mutating and the lack of a known treatment currently increases the fear of people.

Corona virüsü

Internet usage is increasing day by day and people can access any information they want within seconds. However, the fact that internet usage is used so widely brings with it some risks. Because every information shared on the internet is not correct and this causes great information pollution.

Now we will talk about 10 legends that spread on the internet with the advent of Corona virus. These legends are frequently spoken on social media platforms and among people nowadays. But do these legends heard by many about the Coronavirus reflect the truth? If you wish, let’s take a closer look at the 10 spreading myths about the Corona virus without further ado.

Do not hug antibiotics to protect or get rid of the corona virus


Antibiotics are one of the common problems of the whole world. Because anyone who is not conscious enough around the world thinks that using antibiotics is effective for the treatment of every disease. However, this is a completely wrong approach. The reason for this is that antibiotics are focused on bacteria. In other words, a virus-borne illness cannot be cured through antibiotics. On the contrary, the use of unnecessary antibiotics brings the end of beneficial bacteria in your body.

The epidemic that ravaged the world, as the name suggests, is caused by viruses, not bacteria. This reveals that antibiotics will not work in the fight against Corona virus. Therefore, do not use antibiotics to protect against Corona virus, believing in the information you see on the internet. Such a method can not protect you from Corona antivirus, or it can also give you health.

You will not get Corona virus from the meat you eat, and your pets cannot transmit this virus to you

Corona virüs

Social media has recently been shaken by some images from China. In the images in question, some people threw their pets out of their houses, which were several meters high. The reason for such a ridiculous thing to be done was the claims that the Corona virus could be transmitted from animals to humans. However, this information has no basis.

Another remarkable myth about the Coronavirus is that this virus can be transmitted by the meat we eat. That is, the Coronavirus appeared on a wild animal market. They even claim that the main cause of this virus is bats. However, this does not mean that all the meats we eat contain the Coronavirus. There is no definitive information on this subject at the moment. So you shouldn’t believe this legend either.

Your cargo from China does not carry Corona virus


According to the statements made by scientists, the Coronavirus does not have such a strong structure to move outside the human body. The virus is more often transmitted to other people, such as when people come into contact with one another or sneeze by a person with the disease. The virus, which cost more than 400 people’s lives, can live only a few hours outside.

If you currently have an order from China, there is no reason to suggest that this order may be carrying the Coronavirus. Even if this virus was intentionally injected into order from China, you are not at any risk. Because the Coronavirus is not likely to survive until the cargo reaches you.

Industrial cleaning agents do not protect from Coronavirus

temizlik malzemeleri

Industrial cleaning materials have the feature of cleaning germs in your living area. However, we should definitely keep these products away from our bodies. To put it more clearly, although it is beneficial to use these products for cleaning the environment, it will definitely not be beneficial to contact directly to protect against the virus.

The face mask can be really protective but only in some cases

One of the most sought-after products currently in the world is face masks. Even at this sort in many countries, including in Turkey, mask stock is exhausted. Masks are often useful products, but not every mask has enough protection for every factor. Also important at this point is which certificates the mask in question has.

The Coronavirus is often too heavy to be found freely in the air. In addition, this virus is more often transmitted through particles from the mouth of the person carrying the virus. Therefore, using the “right” mask in public spaces minimizes risk.

LGs may not be effective in combating Corona virus


Scientists have long been using red seaweeds to combat many microbes. However, the Coronavirus has not been in the past years, and scientists have so far not made any explanation as to what effect algae have on the Coronavirus. Of course, algae can also be effective for the Coronavirus, but for now, the existence of such a condition is uncertain.

It is known that there are more than 4,000 species of algae. There is, of course, the possibility of using one of these species against the Coronavirus. However, there is currently no study on this and the study does not seem to be completed in a short time.

Eating garlic and sesame seeds does not protect from Corona virus

Garlic is already a very popular food because of its ingredients. Research on garlic reveals that this food is even a cure for cancer. However, the fact that garlic is so effective does not help Coronavirus for now. Because scientists don’t know what effect garlic has against the Coronavirus right now.

Washing your mouth and nose constantly does not protect it from Corona virus

There are many cleaning products for the nose and mouth on the market. The claim of these products is that they kill viruses in the mouth and nose if used. Yes, this claim may be true, but the Coronavirus has not been fully understood for now. In other words, it is not yet known exactly what the virus has and how. Therefore, using mouthwashes and nasal sprays to prevent Coronavirus is not a very effective solution.

The best thing you can do is wash your hands frequently with soap

Our hands Corona virüsüare at the top of our most polluted limbs. This is already known for years and scientists always say how important it is to wash hands. One of the ‘really’ beneficial actions you can take to prevent the coronavirus is to wash your hands. According to the statements, it is often necessary to wash hands with soap to protect against the virus in question.

Getting a flu shot doesn’t protect against Corona virus, but it can benefit

Getting vaccinated is one of the most controversial issues. Even at present, some families are refusing vaccines in Turkey. However, the vaccine is a medical application that really needs to be done. Because the viruses given to the body enable the immune system to recognize this virus. Therefore, necessary vaccinations must be made especially for children.

Getting the flu shot doesn’t have a direct effect against the Coronavirus. However, the effect of the flu vaccine on the body’s immunity can protect against the effects of the Coronavirus. Especially shortness of breath and dry cough symptoms are of great importance for Coronavirus. If you also have a severe flu infection during the period when you are infected with this virus, you need to know that your condition is not very heartwarming.

Stay away from sick people, don’t go to work or school if you are sick

Experts quarantine Wuhan city of China and do not allow anyone in the city to go out. The reason for this was to prevent the virus from spreading further. The same goes for everyone individually. For this reason, it may be useful to isolate yourself from social life if you are ill.

Anyone who coughs dry nowadays suspects that he has snatched Corona. According to statements made by the authorities, no evidence of the virus in Turkey so far, but this does not mean that the virus had never been to Turkey will come or not. So if you are sick now, not going to school or work would be a good option for both you and those around you.


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