US-based technology giant Google has a special system called “Experiments” for the world’s most popular internet browser, Chrome. This Experiments system, which all developers can participate in, is available in Chrome. saadollars where you can spend your series hosts some websites.

Created by both independent developers and Google ” experiment” can introduce you to a part of the Google Chrome ecosystem that you have never seen before. Because the experimental websites created by the developers with their imagination, you can create advanced biomes from a simple music creation tool. to countless activities allows. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at some of these websites.

Chrome Experiments sites to spend your saadollarseries when you are bored

  • Website that instantly visualizes the sound you hear: avseoul. net
  • The site where you can navigate the Milky Way Galaxy in 3 sizes: 100,000 Stars
  • The site that allows you to make music using only the mouse: Song Maker
  • Site that measures how similar your singing style is to Freddie Mercury: FreddieMeter
  • The site that makes photos funny in seconds: WIBLR
  • The site where you can drive a virtual baby crazy using the mouse: Soft Buddy
  • The site that allows you to see all the missile tests of North Korea between 1984 and 2017 on the simulation: North Korea Missile Test Visualization
  • The site where you can complete a 3,500 kilometer journey in the USA with Google Street View images: Roadtrip
  • The site that lets you play the Flappy Bird saga on your Windows computer: Flappy Windows
  • The site where you can recreate all photos using geometric shapes: Geometry

We have conveyed 10 websites in Chrome Experiments with you. However, on that page, numerous has an experimental website. If you want to explore more from Chrome Experiments, here you can use the link.

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