The 3 winning contestants, in addition to the cash prize, will be posting their developed games on Twitch. They will get the chance to play alongside a well-known Twitch Streamer on tv’s homepage! In addition, by joining the panel of the world’s largest publishers and investors, they will gain the right to present their games for Spoopy Jam and gain potential financial support.

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Shhhh… AWS $1 for you to develop your games without fear. It will help you with up to 000 “AWS Promotional Credits”. [email protected] com e-mail address in the subject section Spoopy Jam

You can fulfill your requests by typing .

In the mail please company name and country

Don’t forget to add information. You will then be contacted.

Don’t forget to join the Spoopy Jam community to follow the latest updates and receive announcements. Let’s “jam”!

About Spoopy Jam Rules

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*For information on terms and conditions of AWS Promotional loans: https://aws. Amazon. com/awscredits/)-

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