It is an inevitable fact that the world has undergone a change that is difficult to follow in every aspect, especially in the last 10 years. Especially with this change that comes with technology, it has never been heard before in the world, that no one thought professions and areas of expertise emerged. So, what will the future situation be like?

A warning, on the other hand, of what the world might be like in the future, is the founder of Accessland. From Nihal Temur arrived. Temur stated that digitalization has created many new business areas, and that the need for basic and physical skills will decrease in the next 10 years. that the demand for higher cognitive, social and technological skills will increase explained.

In 2030, 7.6 jobs will disappear in America, 8.9 million jobs will emerge:

Nihal Temur stated that 7.6 million jobs in America will be destroyed in 2030, 8.9 million new jobs will emerge explained. However, by 2030, perhaps no one will think of it right now, mostly in the field of technology. New job potential of 1.8 million people added that it will appear. Temur also underlined that there is now a serious competition for every job, and that social and technological abilities have become the distinguishing feature of people in competition today.

Individuals want to do their own business:

worldwide 1.1 billion people are self-employed, Temur stated that 75% of these kidollars never want to give up their order. He pointed out that this situation indicates that individuals now want to do their own work freely, independent of institutions. He also explained the benefit of this situation for Þirkedollarsere as follows:

1 out of every 3 companies on the Fortune 500 list turns to sites that provide self-employment services to outsource their business. In this way, they meet with a much wider range of service providers, eliminate their geographical boundaries and at the same time they also seriously reduce the financedollar series.

It is necessary to prepare for the future:

In the past, we experience the change and transformation of technology, which was seen perhaps once every 10 years, almost in the blink of an eye. 65% of the jobs that children who start going to school today will have in the future do not exist in today’s world. Therefore, we need to prepare ourselves and humanity for the business world of the future.

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